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Factcheck: How much energy does the world get from renewables?

  • 06 Oct 2015, 14:05
  • Simon Evans
Solar panels against the deep blue sky

Solar panels | Shutterstock

How much energy does the world get from renewables? Carbon Brief has two charts to show where we are today, and how far we've come over the past half century. Read more

Daily Briefing | Coal-fired power stations ‘to close’

  • 06 Oct 2015, 09:00
  • Carbon Brief Staff

Britain will shut down all its coal-fired power stations by 2023, UN releases 20-page negotiating text for climate deal, and China is working to reach its emissions peak before 2030 deadline. Read more

Factcheck: Aerosols research misinterpreted to 'alarming extent’, says study author

  • 05 Oct 2015, 16:45
  • Robert McSweeney

In its online edition on Friday, the Express claimed that the discovery of a new "natural coolant" by scientists has thrown "previous estimates of rising temperatures into doubt". Carbon Brief checks the facts. Read more

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Daily Briefing | Lord Adonis to resign Labour whip and chair George Osborne's infrastructure body

  • 05 Oct 2015, 09:00
  • Carbon Brief Staff

Tony Blair's former policy chief is to chair the newly created National Infrastructure Commission, India's pledge clears a significant hurdle towards a climate deal in Paris, and nuclear power plants are in a 'culture of denial' over hacking risk. Read more

Analysis: India's climate pledge suggests significant emissions growth up to 2030

  • 02 Oct 2015, 17:40
  • Simon Evans and Sophie Yeo

India's climate pledge to the UN means its emissions will rise 90% on current levels by 2030, Carbon Brief analysis shows. Read more

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