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Government decides not to amend UK’s fourth carbon budget

  • 22 Jul 2014, 10:35
  • Carbon Brief staff

The government today announced it would follow the Committee on Climate Change's advice to leave the UK's emission reduction targets as they are. Read more

UK and Germany top ‘dirty 30’ league of coal plants

  • 22 Jul 2014, 16:45
  • Simon Evans

A list of the EU's biggest emitters is being used to argue for policies that would limit use of coal. We take a look at the 'dirty 30' and the policies its authors would like to see. Read more

Have satellites overestimated Antarctic sea ice growth?

  • 22 Jul 2014, 15:30
  • Roz Pidcock

It's puzzling why Antarctic sea ice seems to be growing while earth's other icy expanses are shrinking. But a new paper suggests it might not be rising much after all. Read more

Daily Briefing | Seals, cows, and really hot weather

  • 22 Jul 2014, 09:15
  • Carbon Brief staff

Seals love offshore windfarms, beef is carbon intensive, and it's hot outside. Read more

Slow surface warming since 1998 is “not exceptional”, say scientists

  • 21 Jul 2014, 19:30
  • Roz Pidcock

Scientists know greenhouse gases cause the world to warm. But an interesting question is why warming at earth’s surface speeds up and slows down. Read more

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