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Scientists pinpoint Arctic warming hotspots behind severe northern hemisphere winters

  • 31 Aug 2015, 16:00
  • Robert McSweeney

Recent research suggests a warming Arctic could be the cause of a series of very cold winters in the US and Asia. A new study pinpoints the areas in the Arctic where unusually high temperatures appear to be driving severe winters in mid-latitude countries. Read more

Warming tropical oceans could see ‘widespread and intense’ species loss, study warns

  • 31 Aug 2015, 16:00
  • Robert McSweeney

The tropics could see a huge drop in biodiversity as marine life heads for cooler waters, a new study suggests. Rising sea temperatures could push fish, molluscs and crustaceans towards higher latitudes. Read more

Daily Briefing | Subsidies for small scale solar face steep cuts

  • 28 Aug 2015, 09:00
  • Carbon Brief Staff

The government has announced a 90 per cent cut to subsidies for electricity generated from rooftop solar panels, extreme Arctic sea ice melt forces thousands of walruses ashore in Alaska, and Middle East faces 'extreme' water stress by 2040. Read more

New NASA videos show stark ice loss from Earth's ice sheets

  • 27 Aug 2015, 15:15
  • Roz Pidcock

The US space agency, NASA, yesterday released brand new images showing the accelerating pace of ice loss from Earth's two vast ice sheets, Greenland and Antarctica. Read more

Daily Briefing | Global sea levels climbed 3 inches since 1992, NASA research shows

  • 27 Aug 2015, 09:00
  • Carbon Brief Staff

Warming waters and melting ice are responsible for 3 inch sea level rise, investors fear European energy groups will slash dividends, and tropical storm Erika strengthens and heads toward Florida. Read more

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