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Public opinion

BJE32H Snowman Demo 2010 on the Schlossplatz, Castle Square, Berlin, Germany, Europe.

Germans most worried about climate change, analysis shows

People living in Germany are the most worried about climate change, according to new analysis of 18 countries published this week. ... Read More

Public opinion | Dec 12. 2017.
US Capitol Building, Washington DC

New US poll shows gap between scientists, the public, and politicians on climate change

The US Congress set up a showdown with the Barack Obama yesterday over the approval of the controversial Keystone XL oil sands pipeline. ... Read More

Public opinion | Jan 30. 2015.

The year in UK climate politics

The UK got submerged, an environment secretary was purged, and UKIP emerged. Climate change was on the fringes of many important moments this year,... Read More

UK policy | Dec 24. 2014.
Italian meat platter - prosciutto ham, bresaola, pancetta, salami and parmesan

Meat and dairy consumption could mean a two-degree target is "off the table"

Without a shift in meat and dairy consumption, limiting global temperature rise to two degrees is unlikely, says a new study by Chatham House. ... Read More

Food and farming | Dec 2. 2014.

The implications of the US midterm elections for climate change policy: An international perspective

US voters will head to the polls tomorrow to decide which party rules Congress for the next two years. Environmental groups have spent millions... Read More

Rest of world policy | Nov 3. 2014.

Shale gas drilling rules to be eased despite overwhelming opposition

Fracking firms could benefit by up to £105 million a year from a legal change that is being pushed through despite overwhelming public opposition. ... Read More

Oil and gas | Sep 26. 2014.

Analysis: Polling finds widespread doubt amongst Conservative MPs about climate science

A new poll of UK Members of Parliament has found widespread doubts about climate science, particularly among Conservative MPs. ... Read More

Public opinion | Sep 11. 2014.

Public remains divided or undecided on fracking, government data shows

The public remain divided and undecided on fracking, with a small but growing minority strongly opposed to shale gas extraction,  new government... Read More

Public opinion | Aug 12. 2014.

Fracking’'s impact on house prices is unclear, but people still don’'t want it (or anything else) in their back yards

The government has released a report on the potential local impacts of shale gas in response to a freedom of information request. Several parts are... Read More

Public opinion | Aug 11. 2014.

Does British belief in climate change really go up and down? A look at 14 polls

Newspapers love to cover surveys that show belief in climate change has risen or fallen. But how much can polls really tell us about what the UK... Read More

Public opinion | Jul 29. 2014.

Who are you calling a skeptic? New survey identifies diverse views on climate change among US Republicans

Americans are more than twice as likely to vote for political candidates who support climate change action, according to a new study. ... Read More

Rest of world policy | Jul 10. 2014.
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