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Humanitarian aid in Turkana, Kenya, in response to a lingering cholera outbreak

El Niño shifts cholera burden onto East Africa

In 2015-16, one of the strongest El Niño events in recorded history played havoc with the world’s weather. Among its impacts, heavy rainfall... Read More

Public health | Apr 10. 2017.
Savannah landscape at sunrise, Tanzania

Dramatic decrease in ‘mild’ weather for tropical countries by 2100

While climate change tends to be associated with extreme weather events or the long-term rise in global average temperature, a new study takes a... Read More

Extreme weather | Jan 18. 2017.
California Drought - Under New Melones Bridge on Dry Lakebed.

Climate change could push risk of ‘megadrought’ to 99% in American southwest

A megadrought spanning several decades could be almost certain to hit the American southwest this century if greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed,... Read More

Drought | Oct 5. 2016.
Interior view of the abandoned and bullet-scarred hospital in Quneitra, Syria. Quneitra was occupied by Israel for seven years beginning in 1967. Today, though decades have passed since the Israeli withdrawal, the town has been left in its destroyed state.

Climate-related disasters raise conflict risk, study says

Extreme weather increases the risk of armed conflict in ethnically-diverse countries, a new study suggests. ... Read More

Human security | Jul 25. 2016.
Moai statues, rano raraku, easter island, polynesia

'Disenfranchised' small islands to become increasingly arid

Many small island nations will increasingly lose access to fresh water over the course of the century — but their size means they have been... Read More

Rest of world policy | Apr 11. 2016.
A farmer walks in a field on the outskirts of Luoyang, central China's Henan province

Droughts and heatwaves cause 10% drop in annual crop harvests

Over the past five decades, hundreds of droughts and heatwaves have struck countries across the world. A new study finds that these events caused an... Read More

Food and farming | Jan 6. 2016.
Nuclear power station in St.-Laurent-des-Eaux, France

Map: Where climate change could hit electricity production

Research out today maps where power plants around the world are most at risk from higher water temperatures and decreased water availability. ... Read More

Energy | Jan 4. 2016.

Climate change ‘not a major influence’ on Brazil drought, study says

Increasing population and demand for water are the main causes behind a major drought in southeastern Brazil in 2014-15, a new study finds. ... Read More

Drought | Nov 6. 2015.
Speckled wood butterfly rests on leaf

UK butterflies could suffer ‘widespread extinction’ by 2050, study warns

Frequent droughts and habitat loss could push drought-sensitive butterflies in the UK to local extinction by the middle of the century, new research... Read More

Wildlife | Aug 10. 2015.
Winter sun in Stonor Forest, England

Drought stunts tree growth for four years, study says

Trees could take up to four years to return to normal growth rates in the aftermath of a severe drought, a new study finds. ... Read More

Drought | Jul 30. 2015.
Oasis in the Dade valley, Morocco

Factcheck: Is climate change ‘helping Africa’?

A new paper saying greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have boosted rainfall in a drought-stricken region of Africa has received quite a lot of media... Read More

Factchecks | Jun 3. 2015.
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