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Food and farming

Soybean plants ready for harvest

High temperatures to hit staple crops in the US this century, study says

Staple crops grown in the US could see their yields drop substantially by the end of the century as daily temperatures regularly soar past 30C, a new... Read More

Food and farming | Jan 19. 2017.
Vietnamese village on the Mekong

Shifting tropical cyclones increases threat to sinking Mekong delta

With their furious winds, torrential rains and deadly storm surges, tropical cyclones are usually known for their destructive power. ... Read More

Storms | Oct 19. 2016.
Hand pollination of maize at Kiboko, Kenya

Guest post: Three ways to boost crop resilience to climate change

Prof Andy Challinor is professor of climate impacts at the University of Leeds and leads work on climate smart agriculture for the research programme... Read More

Guest posts | Jun 23. 2016.
Shallow bleaching corals, split level with the island, Lissenung, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea,

Scientists compare climate change impacts at 1.5C and 2C

Half a degree makes a very big difference when judging how different parts of the world will feel the effects of climate change. ... Read More

Global temperature | Apr 21. 2016.
Agriculture on hills in the Burundian countryside. The green patches are tea, and there's also some wheat fields.

Feeding the world: Can we preserve forests, go organic and eat meat?

It is possible to produce enough food to feed a growing population without another tree being felled, according to new research. But there's a catch.... Read More

Food and farming | Apr 19. 2016.
Vine in Denbies wine estate, near Dorking, England

Explainer: Is climate change good news for the UK wine industry?

Not so long ago, the prospect of a world-class English wine industry was a pipe dream. A mere glint in the eye of a geology professor, who noticed how... Read More

Explainers | Apr 1. 2016.
Burger with meat and French fries in aluminum tray on dark background

Guest post: Failure to tackle food demand could make 1.5C limit unachievable

A guest post from Prof Tim Benton, professor of population ecology at University of Leeds and Champion of the UK’s Global Food Security Programme,... Read More

Guest posts | Mar 23. 2016.
Dirt track and wheat field at sunset

England’s growing season now almost a month longer, says Met Office

The growing season for crops and plants in England over the past decade is around a month longer than it was during 1961-90, say scientists at the... Read More

Food and farming | Mar 23. 2016.
Red grapes in the vineyard with boke

Climate change brings early grape harvests for French wine

Increasingly hot summers are pushing wine grapes in French vineyards to mature earlier in the year, a new study says. ... Read More

Food and farming | Mar 21. 2016.
Uganda - Organic farming - Farmer checking Matoke crop

Climate change threatens staple crops in Africa, study says

Without emissions cuts, much of sub-Saharan Africa will become unsuitable for growing key crops during this century, a new study suggests. ... Read More

Food and farming | Mar 7. 2016.
Fresh fruit and vegetables

Mapped: How climate change will slow progress towards curbing malnutrition

Alterations to our diets as a result of climate change will cause more than half a million extra deaths by 2050, according to research published today... Read More

Food and farming | Mar 2. 2016.
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