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Food and farming

Bacon and pork on shelves in a UK supermarket

Q&A: Will England’s National Food Strategy help tackle climate change?

Last week, part two of England’s National Food Strategy (NFS) was published, providing a broad overview of the state of the “food system” – a... Read More

Food and farming | Jul 21. 2021.
Fertiliser being sprayed on crops in France

Q&A: Will EU Common Agricultural Policy reforms help tackle climate change?

The EU has come to the end of a three-year effort to reform its controversial farming subsidy programme, known as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP... Read More

EU policy | Jun 28. 2021.
A villager is seen in a sugarcane field in Shiguoxia Village in Xuwen County, south China's Guangdong Province

Two-fifths of EU agricultural imports could be ‘highly vulnerable’ to drought by 2050

At least 40% of the European Union’s agricultural imports will be “highly vulnerable” to drought by 2050, new research finds. The paper, pub... Read More

Food and farming | Jun 15. 2021.
Maize store in Heilongjiang Province Northern China

Sustainable production of soy and maize could ‘boost yields and cut emissions’ in China

Switching to more sustainable production of soy and maize could boost food security in the world’s most-populous country and simultaneously allevia... Read More

Food and farming | Jun 14. 2021.
Writer Vacancy Carbon Brief

Vacancy: Journalist at Carbon Brief

This vacancy is now closed. This is an exciting opportunity to become a Carbon Brief journalist, helping us to analyse and report climate change a... Read More

In Focus | May 27. 2021.

Guest post: How climate change drove food insecurity in the 2007 Lesotho drought

Lesotho is one of the least developed countries in southern Africa and has a precarious food security balance. Almost all of its main staple food of ... Read More

Guest posts | Mar 22. 2021.

Food systems responsible for ‘one third’ of human-caused emissions

“Food systems” were responsible for 34% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions in 2015, according to new research. The study, published ... Read More

Food and farming | Mar 8. 2021.

Climate change could have a ‘profound’ negative impact on child malnourishment

The negative impacts of climate change on child malnourishment could outweigh the positive effects of economic development in low- and middle-income ... Read More

Public health | Jan 14. 2021.
Man spraying fertiliser and pesticides in a ground nut field, India.

Nitrogen fertiliser use could ‘threaten global climate goals’

The world’s use of nitrogen fertilisers for food production could threaten efforts to keep global warming below 2C above pre-industrial levels. ... Read More

Food and farming | Oct 7. 2020.
A butcher prepares cuts of meat in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo.

Guest post: Are low- and middle-income countries bound to eat more meat?

In the global north, the rise of plant-based meat, alongside disruptions in meat supply chains caused by Covid-19, has left some asking if the world ... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 18. 2020.

Webinar: Do we need to stop eating meat and dairy to tackle climate change?

To mark a week-long series of articles looking at food and climate change, Carbon Brief hosted its latest webinar on Thursday and a video (above) of ... Read More

Webinars | Sep 18. 2020.
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