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Plants and forests

Blanket peat bog moorland on Kinder Scout, Derbyshire, Peak District National Park, England, UK

Guest post: Are the world’s peatlands better protected after COP26?

Peatlands cover just 3% of the world’s land area, but store twice as much carbon as all the trees on Earth combined. The carbon held in these we... Read More

Guest posts | Dec 7. 2021.
COP26 sign in Action Hub Blue Zone SEC Glasgow

COP26: Key outcomes for food, forests, land use and nature in Glasgow

Coming into COP26 in Glasgow, nature was expected to feature heavily at the summit – one-fourth of UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s mantra of ... Read More

COP26 Glasgow | Nov 17. 2021.
Itombwe Mountains in the Democratic Republic of the Congo_GKRMAF

Endangered African montane forests could be a key ‘carbon store’, scientists say

Tropical forests on the slopes of Africa’s mountains are more concentrated stores of carbon than the Amazon, a new study in Nature suggests. The... Read More

Plants and forests | Sep 14. 2021.
Aerial of mangroves at King Sound, Australia

Guest post: Mapping ‘blue-carbon wealth’ around the world

Carbon “sinks”, such as forests or the ocean, play a crucial role in absorbing atmospheric CO2 and thereby reducing the damages caused by climate... Read More

Guest posts | Jul 12. 2021.
Vacancy Carbon Brief

Vacancy: Journalist at Carbon Brief

This vacancy is now closed. This is an exciting opportunity to become a Carbon Brief journalist, helping us to analyse and report climate change a... Read More

In Focus | May 27. 2021.
Forest and water vapour, Iguazu National Park in Brazil

Satellite data reveals impact of warming on global water cycle

Evapotranspiration – the transfer of water from the ground into the air through a combination of evaporation and transpiration – increased global... Read More

Temperature | May 26. 2021.
A new plantation of fir trees on the North Yorkshire Moors

Analysis: How will England's strategies for trees and peat help achieve net-zero by 2050?

Plans to plant millions of trees and restore swathes of peatland across England are at the heart of two new UK government strategies to boost biodive... Read More

UK policy | May 19. 2021.

Land-use change has affected ‘almost a third’ of world’s terrain since 1960

Current estimates of land-use change may be capturing only one-quarter of its true extent across the world, new research shows. The paper, publish... Read More

Nature | May 11. 2021.

Guest post: A ‘Rosetta Stone’ for bringing land-mitigation pathways into line

Scientists know that the world’s land surface absorbs nearly a third of human-caused CO2 emissions each year. This carbon “sink” – mostly fro... Read More

Guest posts | Apr 26. 2021.
Newly cleared land for growing soya in area of rainforest in Brazil

Scientists calculate trade-related ‘deforestation footprint’ of rich countries

Many developed countries are “encouraging” deforestation in poorer nations through international trade, new research shows. Agriculture and fo... Read More

Plants and forests | Mar 29. 2021.
Dry grassland in Madagascar

New study challenges finding that climate change will drive dryland expansion

A new study suggests that, contrary to previous research, climate change will not cause global drylands to expand. The research, published in Natu... Read More

Plants and forests | Mar 11. 2021.
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