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Plants and forests

Congo basin peatland

Guest post: Vast carbon store found under Congo swamp forest

A guest article by Prof Simon Lewis, professor of global change science at University College London and the University of Leeds. ... Read More

Guest posts | Jan 13. 2017.
Thunderstorms on the Brazilian Horizon

Guest post: How scientists predicted CO2 would breach 400ppm in 2016

Prof Richard Betts is head of climate impacts research at the Met Office Hadley Centre and chair in climate impacts at the University of Exeter. ... Read More

Guest posts | Nov 8. 2016.
Green Leaves

Surge in plant growth explains slower CO2 rise over past decade

It's unequivocal that human activity is raising CO2 levels in the atmosphere. But since the start of the century, the level has stopped accelerating... Read More

Nov 8. 2016.
Andalusian landscape near Alora, Spain

Warming of 2C will push Mediterranean habitats into 'unprecedented situation'

The Paris Agreement, slated to come into force on the 4 November, contains a two-pronged, long-term goal for limiting global warming - holding to... Read More

Plants and forests | Oct 27. 2016.
The cliffs being eroded at the Birling Gap. The houses on the cliff are long empty and uninhabited.

UK faces urgent climate change risks, says CCC

The UK must address a number of urgent risks due to climate change, the government's climate advisers have warned. ... Read More

Risk and adaptation | | Jul 12. 2016.

Alpine soils storing up to a third less carbon as summers warm

The top metre of the world’s soils contains three times as much carbon as the entire atmosphere. This means that losing carbon from the soil can... Read More

Plants and forests | Jun 13. 2016.
Raindrops on leaf, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Rising CO2 has 'greened' world's plants and trees

Earth's plants and trees have sprouted enough new leaves since the early 1980s to cover twice the area of mainland United States, according to new... Read More

Plants and forests | Apr 25. 2016.
France, Reunion island (French overseas department), Cirque de Salazie, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, mountainous tropical landscape of lush greenery.

Guest post: Understanding CO2 fertilisation and climate change

Prof Richard Betts is head of climate impacts research at the Met Office Hadley Centre and chair in climate impacts at the University of Exeter. ... Read More

Guest posts | Apr 25. 2016.
Field of trees during fall foliage, Stowe Vermont, USA

Shrinking of forest carbon sink under climate change may be ‘less than anticipated’

The world’s forests take up around a third of human-caused CO2 emissions, playing a critical role in helping to moderate climate change. ... Read More

Plants and forests | Mar 16. 2016.
Uganda - Organic farming - Farmer checking Matoke crop

Climate change threatens staple crops in Africa, study says

Without emissions cuts, much of sub-Saharan Africa will become unsuitable for growing key crops during this century, a new study suggests. ... Read More

Food and farming | Mar 7. 2016.
Cows in Pozuzo, city of the amazon rain forest.

Higher beef production could lower Brazil’s emissions, study says

Increasing beef production in Brazil could actually lower its national emissions by maximising the carbon stored by pasture, a new study says. But the... Read More

Food and farming | Jan 18. 2016.
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