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Red ruffed lemur in Masoala National Park, Madagascar

Climate change will hit ‘endemic’ plants and animals the hardest, study warns

Plants and animals that only live in one region – known as “endemic” species – are expected to be “consistently more adversely impacted” ... Read More

Nature | Apr 9. 2021.
Flying fox in Battambang, Cambodia

Scientists sceptical of new bat study linking climate change to Covid-19 emergence

A new study suggests that climate change is enabling the evolution of new coronaviruses by creating “hotspots” for multiple bat species.  ... Read More

Public health | Feb 5. 2021.
Morning mist at sunrise in Sparks Lake, Central Oregon

Lake heatwaves will be ‘hotter and longer’ by the end of the century

Climate change is causing “lake heatwaves” to become more frequent, intense and long-lasting, a new study warns.  The research, publishe... Read More

Heatwaves | Jan 20. 2021.
Lion yawning, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Credit: Richard Smith / Alamy Stock Photo

Lions could prevent their prey from adapting to increasing heat, study says

Lions could limit their prey’s ability to adjust to warming temperatures, according to a new study making use of camera traps across southern Afric... Read More

Wildlife | Jun 1. 2020.
Drought In Hilapgwa Valley, Zambia. Credit: Art Directors & TRIP / Alamy Stock Photo

Q&A: Could climate change and biodiversity loss raise the risk of pandemics?

Across the world, millions of people have tested positive for Covid-19 – and countless more have seen their lifestyles completely transformed as a ... Read More

Public health | May 15. 2020.
School of big-eye jacks, coral reef and orange anthias fish, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Credit: Christian Loader / Alamy Stock Photo

Deep emissions cuts this decade could prevent ‘abrupt ecological collapse’

Swift global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could prevent the “abrupt” collapse of ecosystems, which may otherwise begin within the ne... Read More

Wildlife | Apr 8. 2020.
A desert locust swarm in Ololokwe, Kenya, 22 January 2020. Credit: FAO/Sven Torfinn.

Q&A: Are the 2019-20 locust swarms linked to climate change?

The past few months have seen locust swarms as large as entire cities sweep across countries in East Africa and surrounding regions. With each ins... Read More

Explainers | Mar 10. 2020.
Bombus terrestris on flower. Credit: Prof Jeremy Kerr.

Climate change driving ‘rapid and widespread’ decline of bumblebees

The chances of spotting a bumblebee have dropped by almost half across North America and by 17% in Europe from the mid-20th century to near present d... Read More

Wildlife | Feb 6. 2020.
Aerial view of a tractor ploughing a field in Suffolk, UK. Credit: Chris Cullen / Alamy Stock Photo. 2A0X231

CCC: One fifth of UK farmland must be used to tackle climate change

An “urgent” overhaul of the UK’s land and agricultural sector will be essential to meet the government’s legally binding net-zero target, say... Read More

UK policy | Jan 23. 2020.
A public service billboard asking everyone to help stop the Ebola outbreak, 15 January 2015, in Monrovia, Liberia. Credit: UNMIL / Alamy Stock Photo. F155K4

Ebola epidemics will ‘increase with greenhouse gas concentrations’, study finds

The threat of Ebola outbreaks across Africa will increase as levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere rise, according to new research. With war... Read More

Public health | Oct 15. 2019.
Amazon fires media reaction August 2019. Graphic: Carbon Brief.

Media reaction: Amazon fires and climate change

In recent weeks, tens of thousands of fires have been recorded across the Amazon rainforest, with dramatic images and statistics reported daily across... Read More

Media analysis | Aug 27. 2019.
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