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Risk and adaptation

Coastal erosion on the Carteret Islands, Papua New Guinea

Guest post: Adapting to climate change through ‘managed retreat’

Miyuki Hino is a doctoral student at Stanford University specialising in climate change risks and adaptation decisions. ... Read More

Guest posts | Mar 27. 2017.
flooded river Nidd Knaresborough Yorkshire UK December 2015

Changing climate demands new approach to flood risk, say MPs

A new report by MPs says the government could be doing a lot better at managing flooding, as well as telling people how much risk they are exposed to... Read More

Floods | Nov 2. 2016.
1.5 degrees conference at Keble College, Oxford

Highlights: Day two at the 1.5C conference on climate change in Oxford

Today saw the second and final full day of the conference “1.5 degrees: Meeting the challenges of the Paris Agreement”, organised by the... Read More

Global temperature | Sep 22. 2016.
The cliffs being eroded at the Birling Gap. The houses on the cliff are long empty and uninhabited.

UK faces urgent climate change risks, says CCC

The UK must address a number of urgent risks due to climate change, the government's climate advisers have warned. ... Read More

Risk and adaptation | | Jul 12. 2016.
Debra Roberts at the Adaptation Futures 2016 conference in Rotterdam.

The Carbon Brief Interview: Debra Roberts

In October 2015, Dr Debra Roberts was elected as the new co-chair of Working Group II (WG2) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).... Read More

Interviews | May 18. 2016.
Erasmusberg, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Video: Experts on the challenges of climate change adaptation

Scientists, policymakers and businesspeople convened in Rotterdam this week for the Adaptation Futures 2016 conference, where they discussed the... Read More

Risk and adaptation | May 13. 2016.
Shallow bleaching corals, split level with the island, Lissenung, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea,

Scientists compare climate change impacts at 1.5C and 2C

Half a degree makes a very big difference when judging how different parts of the world will feel the effects of climate change. ... Read More

Global temperature | Apr 21. 2016.
Moai statues, rano raraku, easter island, polynesia

'Disenfranchised' small islands to become increasingly arid

Many small island nations will increasingly lose access to fresh water over the course of the century — but their size means they have been... Read More

Rest of world policy | Apr 11. 2016.
Sao Paulo skyline, Brazil

Huge divide in spending on climate change adaptation across world's megacities

The amount of money going towards adapting to climate change in ten of the world's biggest cities has increased by a quarter in recent years,... Read More

Risk and adaptation | Feb 29. 2016.
Nuclear power station in St.-Laurent-des-Eaux, France

Map: Where climate change could hit electricity production

Research out today maps where power plants around the world are most at risk from higher water temperatures and decreased water availability. ... Read More

Energy | Jan 4. 2016.
The AGU Fall meeting, 2012.

AGU 2015: Scientists react to Paris agreement on climate change

With the ink only just dry on the agreement signed in Paris to curb global carbon emissions, scientists at this year's American Geophysical Union... Read More

Paris Summit 2015 | Dec 18. 2015.
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