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Mapped: The world’s coal power plants

INFOGRAPHIC | Mar 25. 2019.
Photo by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth

Analysis: Which countries have sent the most delegates to COP24?

INFOGRAPHIC | Dec 4. 2018.

Analysis: The climate papers most featured in the media in 2017

INFOGRAPHIC | Jan 24. 2018.

May 27, 2019, Dayton, Ohio, United States: Remains of houses and cars among debris after a tornado struck the area the night before. At least 1 person is dead and 12 injured from the storms that hit western Ohio.

Tornadoes and climate change: what does the science say?

EXPLAINER | May 31. 2019.

From RCP to WG3: A climate change acronym cheat sheet

EXPLAINER | Apr 15. 2014.

How to read the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s reports

EXPLAINER | Apr 13. 2014.

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A car transporter carries new Tesla Model 3 vehicles along the highway, California, US. Credit: Andrei Stanescu / Alamy Stock Photo. R6HR26

Factcheck: How electric vehicles help to tackle climate change

INFOGRAPHIC | May 13. 2019.
Iceberg floating in ocean water of Smith Sound in the high arctic of Nunavut, Canada, mid summer.

Factcheck: Is 3-5C of Arctic warming now ‘locked in’?

INFOGRAPHIC | Mar 16. 2019.
Glaciologists measuring the rate of movement on the Kangerdlussuaq glacier, Greenland. Credit: Steve Morgan / Alamy Stock Photo. DFB4EE

Factcheck: What Greenland ice cores say about past and present climate change

INFOGRAPHIC | Mar 5. 2019.



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