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Daily Briefing

Every weekday morning, in time for your morning coffee, Carbon Brief sends out a free email known as the “Daily Briefing” to thousands of subscribers around the world. The email is a digest of the past 24 hours of media coverage related to climate change and energy, as well as our pick of the key studies published in the peer-reviewed journals.

Media highlights

The email summarises all the key climate-and-energy stories and studies, as told by a range of publications, including leading newspapers, journals and specialist websites. It then lists the need-to-know comment pieces. Our journalists spend two hours each morning hand-picking and writing up these stories before the email is sent out.


Former UK minister for energy and climate change: “I wish I’d known about Carbon Brief’s Daily Briefing when I was still a minister.”

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Weekly Briefing

Our Weekly Briefing is a handy round-up of all of Carbon Brief’s article published over the past seven days.

New on Carbon Brief

Sent out to subscribers each Friday afternoon, the Weekly Briefing walks you through the key stories of the week, as told by Carbon Brief’s most recent articles, including explainers, factchecks, maps, interactives and analysis pieces.

Recommended reads

The Weekly Briefing also includes four recommended articles by other publications, as chosen by the Carbon Brief team. In case you’ve missed anything, the email concludes with a week’s worth of links to the online version of our Daily Briefings.

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China Briefing

Sent out each Thursday, the China Briefing is a round-up of all the need-to-know information about climate and energy in China from the past seven days.

Key developments

Every day, our China team trawls the media – both inside China and out – looking for the latest developments relating to climate change. We provide context behind the headlines, covering the who, what, where, how and why.

Extra reading

The China Briefing also highlights some extra reading about China each week, plus includes all of Carbon Brief’s latest content, so you never miss an article.


The most interesting new studies relating to China that we find in our daily search of peer-reviewed science journals.

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