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Tree planting at Haweswater, Lake District, UK

Greenhouse gas removal: How could it help the UK reach net-zero by 2050?

A mix of scientists, economists and government advisers met in London last week to discuss how removing greenhouse gases from air could help the UK h... Read More

UK policy | May 17. 2022.
Biomass domes at Drax Power Station.

Guest post: Where in the UK might be suitable for BECCS?

As global temperature rise pushes past 1C above pre-industrial levels, the time remaining to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement becomes increasing... Read More

Guest posts | Jul 7. 2020.
The Swiss company Climeworks are running 30 DAC - Direct Air Capture - fans on the roof of this garbage incinerator in Hinwil outside Zurich.

Guest post: How public attitudes towards ‘CO2 removal’ differ in the UK and US

With global greenhouse gas emissions still increasing – and Covid-19 lockdown restrictions merely causing a short-term dip – the challenge of hol... Read More

Guest posts | Jul 7. 2020.
Climeworks Direct Air Capture plant

Direct CO2 capture machines could use ‘a quarter of global energy’ in 2100

Machines that suck CO2 directly from the air could cut the cost of meeting global climate goals, a new study finds, but they would need as much as a q... Read More

Negative emissions | Jul 22. 2019.
A woman clings on as typhoon Roke blows through Tokyo, Japan, 21 September 2011. Credit: Robert Gilhooly / Alamy Stock Photo. C7G6KM

Halving global warming with solar geoengineering could ‘offset tropical storm risk’

Engineering the climate to reflect away sunlight could halve global warming and offset the risk of increases in tropical storms, new research suggests... Read More

Geoengineering | Mar 11. 2019.
Prof Jonathan Bamber, professor of glaciology at the University of Bristol. Credit: Carbon Brief.

The Carbon Brief Interview: Prof Jonathan Bamber

Prof Jonathan Bamber is a professor of glaciology at the University of Bristol and the current president of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). He w... Read More

Interviews | Feb 14. 2019.
View of Canberra from Mount Ainslie lookout, Australia. Credit: Piter Lenk / Alamy Stock Photo. M8TY9H

Negative emissions: Scientists meet in Australia to discuss removing CO2 from air

An international group of researchers and policymakers met in Australia’s capital this week for the country’s first major conference dedicated to ... Read More

Geoengineering | Nov 1. 2018.

Solar geoengineering may not halt ocean warming, study says

Spraying aerosols high in the stratosphere could dampen global warming over land, but may not prevent the oceans from heating up, new research says. ... Read More

Geoengineering | Oct 29. 2018.

Mapped: Where ‘afforestation’ is taking place around the world

A key finding of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) new special report is that it is likely that some degree of “afforestatio... Read More

Negative emissions | Oct 9. 2018.

Guest post: 13 ‘ocean-based solutions’ for tackling climate change

Dr Phillip Williamson is an honorary reader at the University of East Anglia and science coordinator of the UK Greenhouse Gas Removal from the Atmosph... Read More

Guest posts | Oct 4. 2018.
Sun shines on a subway station in Brooklyn, New York. Credit: Andrew Cribb / Alamy Stock Photo. H6FCM3

World must act quickly to govern solar geoengineering, report says

Actions to manage solar geoengineering must “begin now”, says a report by an international group of governance experts. The idea of solar geoen... Read More

Geoengineering | Oct 1. 2018.
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