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Flood damage in northern Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s ‘deadly’ early spring rainfall made twice as likely by El Niño

The extreme rainfall that hit Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran in April and May this year was made twice as likely by El Niño, a new rapid attribution... Read More

Attribution | Jun 13. 2024.
A classroom in a UK school.

English schools face ‘overheating’ for one-third of year under 2C warming

English schools could exceed an “overheating” threshold of 26C for one-third of the academic year if global warming reaches 2C above pre-industri... Read More

Heatwaves | May 14. 2024.
Red cargo ship transits through Gatun Locks, Panama Canal.

Drought behind Panama Canal’s 2023 shipping disruption ‘unlikely’ without El Niño

A lengthy drought that caused widespread disruption to commercial ships passing through the Panama Canal in 2023 would have been “unlikely” witho... Read More

Attribution | May 1. 2024.
A man walking with an umbrella in hand, Lagos, Nigeria.

How Nigeria is reeling from extreme heat fuelled by climate change

Since the start of this year, Africa’s most populous nation Nigeria has faced prolonged stretches of severe heat. A recent quick-fire analysis f... Read More

Heatwaves | Apr 8. 2024.
Young man works on a construction site in Nigeria on 6 February 2024.

Climate change made west Africa’s ‘dangerous humid heatwave’ 10 times more likely

The “dangerous humid heat” that engulfed western Africa in mid-February was made 10 times more likely by human-caused climate change, a new rapid... Read More

Attribution | Mar 21. 2024.
A person standing among the rubble from the Chilean “megafires”.

No ‘statistically significant’ link between climate change and Chile’s wildfires

Climate change did not have a statistically significant impact on the wildfires that hit Chile earlier this month, according to a new rapid attributi... Read More

Attribution | Feb 22. 2024.
A fisherman walks across a dry patch of land after drought in the marshes of southern Iraq, Dhi Qar province. Image ID: 2M9TRTP.

Climate change: Intensity of ongoing drought in Syria, Iraq and Iran ‘not rare anymore’

.shadeBg{ background: rgba(0,0,0,0.18); } High temperatures caused by climate change are driving an ongoing drought in the Middle East, accordin... Read More

Attribution | Nov 8. 2023.
People in east Libya standing on a broken highway destroyed in recent heavy floods.

Analysis: Africa’s extreme weather has killed at least 15,000 people in 2023

In an extraordinary year for the Earth’s climate – which is now virtually certain to be hottest on record – global warming has combined with th... Read More

Extreme weather | Oct 25. 2023.
Wildfire near Boise, Idaho, in 2011.

Q&A: How scientists tackle the challenges of estimating wildfire CO2 emissions

Wildfires – and their emissions – have made headlines around the world this year.  From the otherworldly haze that blanketed much of the ... Read More

Wildfires | Sep 22. 2023.
Libyan Red Crescent members work on opening roads engulfed in floods.

Q&A: How are Libya’s ‘medicane’-fuelled floods linked to climate change?

In early September, Storm Daniel dropped a deluge of rainfall over Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. It then crossed the Mediterranean Sea, picking up ene... Read More

Storms | Sep 19. 2023.
A volunteer pours water on a pedestrian during a heatwave in Karachi, Pakistan, 2022. Image ID: 2J8JH4E.

Risk of heat-related deaths has ‘increased rapidly’ over past 20 years

Spikes in temperature-related deaths during extreme summer heatwaves “will eventually become commonplace” if societies do not adapt to the danger... Read More

Heatwaves | Aug 24. 2023.
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