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Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, speaks on 9 March 2024 in Rome, Georgia.

‘Drill, baby, drill’: The surprising history of Donald Trump’s fossil-fuel slogan

As Donald Trump prepares for this year’s US presidential election, he continues to summarise his energy policies with one simple slogan: “Drill, ... Read More

US Policy | Mar 18. 2024.
Former US president Donald Trump at a Republican convention in California on 29 September 2023.

Analysis: Trump election win could add 4bn tonnes to US emissions by 2030

A victory for Donald Trump in November’s presidential election could lead to an additional 4bn tonnes of US emissions by 2030 compared with Joe Bid... Read More

US Policy | Mar 6. 2024.
An array of solar panels in Michigan.

Guest post: How the Inflation Reduction Act narrows the gap to US climate goals

The US has an important role to play in limiting climate change as the world’s second-largest emitter and the country with the greatest historical ... Read More

US Policy | Aug 16. 2023.
Workers install solar panels on the roof of an elementary school in Colorado.

Jobs created by net-zero transition will ‘offset’ fossil-fuel job losses in Republican US states

Republican strongholds, such as Texas, Wyoming and Oklahoma, stand to gain hundreds of thousands of jobs in the clean-energy sector as the US moves t... Read More

US Policy | May 30. 2023.
US President Joe Biden stands in front of the United States national flag

Analysis: US falling $32bn short on ‘fair share’ of $100bn climate-finance goal

The US should be paying nearly $40bn towards the $100bn climate-finance target, new Carbon Brief analysis shows. This is $32bn more than the estimate... Read More

US Policy | Nov 7. 2022.
US Inflation Reduction Act

Media reaction: What Joe Biden’s landmark climate bill means for climate change

On Tuesday 16 August, US president Joe Biden signed a bill into law that he has described as “the most significant legislation in history to tackle... Read More

US Policy | Aug 17. 2022.
Dr Jonathan Pershing is the programme director of environment at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in the US

The Carbon Brief Interview: Dr Jonathan Pershing

Dr Jonathan Pershing is the programme director of environment at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in the US. He had led the programme from 20... Read More

Interviews | Jun 13. 2022.
Wind turbines in the Lower Snake River Wind Energy Project, Washington, USA

Windfarms raise incomes and house prices in rural US, study finds

Wind turbines have increased local incomes by around 5% and house values by 2.6% in parts of the US, according to a new study. The research, publi... Read More

Renewables | Jun 7. 2022.
Oil and gas drilling on the Front Range of Colorado

‘One quarter’ of US emissions since 2005 come from fossil fuels on public lands

Emissions equivalent to nearly a quarter of the US total since 2005 have come from fossil fuels extracted on the nation’s public lands and waters, ... Read More

Oil and gas | Apr 21. 2022.
Trucks on desert highway in Arizona, US. Credit: Chris Alan Selby / Alamy Stock Photo. BKNB4K

Coal and trucks pushed US ‘further off track’ for climate targets in 2021

US emissions surged by 6.2% last year, boosted by a renewed reliance on coal power amid soaring natural gas prices, according to the Rhodium Group. ... Read More

US Policy | Jan 10. 2022.
The Carbon Brief Profile: USA

The Carbon Brief Profile: United States

In the latest article in a series on the world’s key emitters Carbon Brief looks at the US, which, to date, has contributed more to human-caused cl... Read More

Country profiles | Apr 22. 2021.
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