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Oil and gas


An oil rig looms amid threatening skies over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Namibia.

Analysis: New oil and gas projects since 2021 could emit 14bn tonnes of CO2

Burning all the oil and gas from new discoveries and newly approved projects since 2021 would emit at least 14.1bn tonnes of carbon dioxide (GtCO2), ... Read More

Oil and gas | Mar 28. 2024.
Shell building Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Shell abandons 2035 emissions target and weakens 2030 goal

Shell has abandoned a key climate target for 2035 and weakened another goal for 2030, according to its latest “energy transition strategy”. Th... Read More

Oil and gas | Mar 14. 2024.
LNG tanker on the shipping channel between the Gulf of Mexico and Texas

Q&A: What does Biden's LNG 'pause' mean for global emissions?

In a surprise move, US president Joe Biden has announced a “temporary pause” on liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal expansion. It has been de... Read More

Oil and gas | Jan 30. 2024.
An oil tanker being moored at the Mongstad oil terminal and refinery in Norway. Credit: Ola Moen / Alamy Stock Photo. D1AJ6D

Guest post: How quickly does the world need to ‘phase down’ all fossil fuels?

India and China were widely criticised at COP26 in 2021 when they pushed to tone down the language on coal consumption that emerged from the climate ... Read More

Guest posts | Feb 16. 2023.
Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In-depth: Russia’s war means fossil fuels will peak within five years, IEA says

Fossil fuel use will peak within five years, says the World Energy Outlook 2022 from the International Energy Agency (IEA). The 524-page outlook s... Read More

Energy | Oct 31. 2022.
Aerial view above natural gas extraction Louisiana Credit: Aerial Archives / Alamy Stock Photo.

New fossil fuels 'incompatible’ with 1.5C goal, comprehensive analysis finds

There is a “large consensus” across all published studies that developing new oil and gas fields is “incompatible” with the 1.5C target, a ne... Read More

Oil and gas | Oct 23. 2022.
LNG gas carrier ship approaching port. Credit: maritime stock images / Alamy Stock Photo.

Analysis: UK's gas imports would be 13% lower if it had not ‘cut the green crap’

The UK’s gas imports would be 13% lower if successive Conservative-led governments had not “cut the green crap” over the past decade, Carbon Br... Read More

UK policy | Oct 8. 2022.
Indigenous protesters hold placards during a march in London

Fossil fuels: Is the world on track for moving past coal, oil and gas production?

Scientists, economists and Indigenous activists met in Oxford in September to discuss a challenge central to solving climate change: how can the worl... Read More

Energy | Oct 4. 2022.
Russia country profile photo.

The Carbon Brief Profile: Russia

In this country profile, Carbon Brief examines the state of climate and energy policies in Russia, home to some of the world’s largest reserves of ... Read More

Country profiles | Sep 22. 2022.
Restarting of aged units at Anegasaki gas-fired power station in Chiba

Guest post: How China and South Korea could save money by steering clear of gas

China and South Korea are planning to build more than 112 gigawatts (GW) of gas-fired power plants, making them the top two countries in East Asia, a... Read More

Guest posts | Aug 2. 2022.
Ship constructing Walney extension of the offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea

Analysis: Record-low price for UK offshore wind is nine times cheaper than gas

A UK government auction has secured a record 11 gigawatts (GW) of new renewable energy capacity that will generate electricity nine times more cheapl... Read More

Renewables | Jul 8. 2022.
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