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A young man refreshes himself at Giordano Bruno Square, City of Buenos Aires, during the January 2022 heat wave in Argentina.

Argentina’s record-breaking 2022 heatwave made ‘60 times more likely’ by climate change

The record-breaking heatwave that hit northern Argentina and Paraguay in early December was made about 60 times more likely by human-caused climate c... Read More

Attribution | Dec 21. 2022.
A man wades through flood water in Nigeria.

West Africa’s deadly rainfall in 2022 made ‘80 times more likely’ by climate change

Extreme rainfall which triggered deadly flooding across West Africa this year was made “about 80 times more likely” by human-caused climate chang... Read More

Attribution | Nov 16. 2022.
Pagodas on Luoxingdun Island that usually remain partially submerged under the water of Poyang Lake Lushan, Jiangxi province, China, 24 August 2022.

Climate change made 2022’s northern-hemisphere droughts ‘at least 20 times’ more likely

The droughts seen across the northern hemisphere this summer were made “at least 20 times more likely” by human-caused climate change, according ... Read More

Attribution | Oct 5. 2022.
A woman carries her belongings through flood water in Rajanpur, Pakistan in August, 2022

Climate change ‘likely’ increased extreme rainfall that led to Pakistan flooding

The record-breaking monsoon rainfall that led to severe flooding in Pakistan this summer was “likely increased” by climate change, a new “rapid... Read More

Attribution | Sep 15. 2022.

Mapped: How climate change affects extreme weather around the world

In the early 2000s, a new field of climate-science research emerged that began to explore the human fingerprint on extreme weather, such as floods, h... Read More

Attribution | Aug 4. 2022.
Firefighters respond to a large wildfire at the edge of Birmingham, UK during the July 2022 heatwave

Climate change made 2022’s UK heatwave ‘at least 10 times more likely’

The record-breaking UK heatwave of 18-19 July 2022 was made “at least 10 times more likely” by human-caused climate change, a new “rapid-attrib... Read More

Attribution | Jul 28. 2022.
Reservoir Barrios de Luna in Spain during 2017 drought

Expanding ‘Azores high’ driving ‘unprecedented’ changes in western Europe’s climate

Expansion of the “Azores high” – a high pressure system in the north Atlantic – is driving “unprecedented” changes in western Europe’s ... Read More

Science | Jul 4. 2022.
A woman drinks water during a hot day in New Delhi, April 29, 2022

Climate change made India and Pakistan’s 2022 early heatwave ‘30 times more likely’

An unusually early heatwave which struck India and Pakistan in March and April this year was made at least 30 times more likely by human-caused clima... Read More

Attribution | May 23. 2022.
A damaged bridge caused by flooding near Durban, South Africa, 16 April 2022. Credit: Reuters / Alamy Stock Photo. 2J4KM20

Climate change made extreme rains in 2022 South Africa floods ‘twice as likely’

The extreme rainfall that triggered one of South Africa’s deadliest disasters of this century was made more intense and more likely because of clim... Read More

Attribution | May 13. 2022.
Homes and businesses destroyed by Hurricane Laura are surrounded by flood waters in the aftermath of Hurricane Delta in Louisiana, USA, 2020

Ocean warming drove 10% rise in ‘extreme’ rainfall from Atlantic hurricanes in 2020

Extreme rainfall during the record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season in 2020 was made more intense by human-caused climate change, a new study says.... Read More

Storms | Apr 12. 2022.
Aberystwyth Wales UK, Wednesday 27 February 2019

Guest post: How weather forecasts can spark a new kind of extreme-event attribution

Extreme weather events across the world this year have been hitting the headlines at an alarming rate. To name a few, 2021 has seen flooding in ce... Read More

Guest posts | Dec 21. 2021.
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