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Global South Climate Database

Climate change is a global issue – so it is vital that scientists from around the world are represented in reporting on the topic.

However, climate scientists from the global south are often underrepresented in the mainstream media. This includes their views and lived experiences, as well as their scientific findings. 

Carbon Brief, with the support of the Oxford Climate Journalism Network, has set up the “Global South Climate Database” to ensure that journalists from all over the world can contact scientists and experts from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific.

Global South: The “global south” is a term used to broadly describe lower-income countries in regions such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is often used to denote nations that are either in… Read More

The “Global South Climate Database” is a publicly available, searchable database of climate scientists and experts in the fields of climate science, climate policy and energy. It lists each person’s area of expertise, institutional affiliation, contact details and other relevant information.

The Oxford Climate Journalism Network – a programme at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford – is supporting Carbon Brief to promote and maintain the list.

We invite climate experts from the global south to fill out the form below, so that reporters and outlets from around the world can get in touch with you.

Click here to add your details to the database.

Additionally, Carbon Brief and the Oxford Climate Journalism Network might contact you for future media opportunities. This may include providing quotes for articles, writing guest articles, speaking in webinars or other activities. 

We also welcome anyone to forward the form to climate scientists from the global south who they think might be interested in completing it. However, please do not fill it in on anyone else’s behalf, as the form asks for personal details (such as contact information).

When filling out the form, questions marked with a star are required, but all other questions are optional. 

Your details will be added to the public database following verification of your identity.

The database will be made publicly available shortly.

If you wish to amend or remove your details from the list, please email [email protected]


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