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GHGs and aerosols


Aerial view of Seattle business and financial district in Washington, USA

‘Top 1%’ of emitters caused almost a quarter of growth in global emissions since 1990

Just 1% of the world’s population was responsible for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions growth over 1990-2019, new research finds. Th... Read More

GHGs and aerosols | Sep 29. 2022.
Tree planting at Haweswater, Lake District, UK

Greenhouse gas removal: How could it help the UK reach net-zero by 2050?

A mix of scientists, economists and government advisers met in London last week to discuss how removing greenhouse gases from air could help the UK h... Read More

UK policy | May 17. 2022.
Man spraying fertiliser and pesticides in a ground nut field, India.

Nitrogen fertiliser use could ‘threaten global climate goals’

The world’s use of nitrogen fertilisers for food production could threaten efforts to keep global warming below 2C above pre-industrial levels. ... Read More

Food and farming | Oct 7. 2020.
Natural gas is flared off as oil is pumped in the Bakken shale formation. Credit: Jim West / Alamy Stock Photo E1MT0N

Scientists concerned by ‘record high’ global methane emissions

Worldwide emissions of methane have hit the “highest levels on record”, according to an international team of scientists. The finding comes fr... Read More

GHGs and aerosols | Jul 14. 2020.
Bangladeshi homeless people wait in a queue for aid during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. Dhaka, Bangladesh, 4 April 2020. Credit: SK Hasan Ali / Alamy Stock Photo

Daily global CO2 emissions 'cut to 2006 levels' during height of coronavirus crisis

The amount of CO2 being released by human activity each day fell by as much as 17% during the height of the coronavirus crisis in early April, a new ... Read More

Global emissions | May 19. 2020.
Classic American car parked at night on Seventh Avenue , New York City, USA. 30 July 2018. Credit: Jordi De Rueda Roigé / Alamy Stock Photo

Fuel savings in US cars have ‘cut 17bn tonnes of CO2 since 1975’

Fuel-economy improvements in US “light-duty” vehicles have saved 17bn tonnes of CO2 (GtCO2) over the past four decades, according to a new study.... Read More

Emissions | May 19. 2020.
View of the rainforest canopy looking directly upwards, Borneo. Credit: Peter Lopeman / Alamy Stock Photo

Analysis: How ‘carbon-cycle feedbacks’ could make global warming worse

Scientists making climate-change projections have to deal with a number of uncertainties. The amount of global warming will depend on the magnitud... Read More

Climate modelling | Apr 14. 2020.
School of big-eye jacks, coral reef and orange anthias fish, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Credit: Christian Loader / Alamy Stock Photo

Deep emissions cuts this decade could prevent ‘abrupt ecological collapse’

Swift global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could prevent the “abrupt” collapse of ecosystems, which may otherwise begin within the ne... Read More

Wildlife | Apr 8. 2020.
Coal miner working in a mine in Knottingley, West Yorkshire. June 2012. Credit: Image Source / Alamy Stock Photo

Coal mines emit more methane than oil-and-gas sector, study finds

Methane emissions from coal mines could be more than double previous estimates, according to a new study. The fossil-fuel industry is understood t... Read More

GHGs and aerosols | Mar 24. 2020.
Dam in place to re-wet blanket bog at RSPB Forsinard Flows, Flow country, Caithness, Highland, Scotland. Credit: Nature Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo

Restoring soils could remove up to ‘5.5bn tonnes’ of greenhouse gases every year

Replenishing and protecting the world’s soil carbon stores could help to offset up to 5.5bn tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, a study finds. ... Read More

Negative emissions | Mar 16. 2020.
Gas flare stack burning at the Grangemouth oil refinery, Scotland Credit: Ian Rutherford / Alamy Stock Photo

Methane emissions from fossil fuels ‘severely underestimated’

Human-caused emissions of methane from the extraction and use of fossil fuels may have been “severely underestimated”, a new study suggests. ... Read More

GHGs and aerosols | Feb 19. 2020.
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