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A man walking with an umbrella in hand, Lagos, Nigeria.

How Nigeria is reeling from extreme heat fuelled by climate change

Since the start of this year, Africa’s most populous nation Nigeria has faced prolonged stretches of severe heat. A recent quick-fire analysis f... Read More

Heatwaves | Apr 8. 2024.
A volunteer pours water on a pedestrian during a heatwave in Karachi, Pakistan, 2022. Image ID: 2J8JH4E.

Risk of heat-related deaths has ‘increased rapidly’ over past 20 years

Spikes in temperature-related deaths during extreme summer heatwaves “will eventually become commonplace” if societies do not adapt to the danger... Read More

Heatwaves | Aug 24. 2023.
A person pours tap water into a plastic bottle at the Main Square in Krakow, Poland, on 19 June 2022.

Heat-related deaths ‘56% higher among women’ during record-breaking 2022 European summer

More than 61,000 people died as a result of searing heat across Europe in the summer of 2022, according to a new study. The summer of 2022 was Eur... Read More

Heatwaves | Jul 11. 2023.
A man lies on a sidewalk during a heatwave in Portland, Oregon, U.S, on 11 August 2021.

Unprecedented heat extremes ‘could occur in any region globally’

Developing countries that have avoided record-breaking heat for many decades are the least prepared for future “exceptional” heatwaves, new resea... Read More

Heatwaves | Apr 25. 2023.

Analysis: Half the global population saw all-time record temperatures over past decade

More frequent and intense extreme heat is one of the major impacts of climate change. As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change�... Read More

Heatwaves | Apr 24. 2023.
A farm worker takes a break in the heat of the morning

‘Poor tropical regions’ suffer greatest economic damage from worsening heatwaves

“Poor tropical regions” – which contribute the least to global greenhouse gas emissions – saw the greatest economic damage from worsening hea... Read More

Heatwaves | Oct 28. 2022.

Analysis: Africa’s unreported extreme weather in 2022 and climate change

From deadly floods in Nigeria to devastating drought in Somalia, Africa has faced a run of severe – and sometimes unprecedented – extreme weather... Read More

Extreme weather | Oct 26. 2022.
A woman sits in the shade at Primrose Hill during the severe heatwave, London, UK, 19 July 2022. Credit: xStephen Chung / Alamy Stock Photo.

Guest post: A Met Office review of the UK’s record-breaking summer in 2022

With the summer of 2022 entering the climate record books as the first time that the UK has hit an air temperature above 40C, it has without question... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 28. 2022.

Mapped: How climate change affects extreme weather around the world

In the early 2000s, a new field of climate-science research emerged that began to explore the human fingerprint on extreme weather, such as floods, h... Read More

Attribution | Aug 4. 2022.
Firefighters respond to a large wildfire at the edge of Birmingham, UK during the July 2022 heatwave

Climate change made 2022’s UK heatwave ‘at least 10 times more likely’

The record-breaking UK heatwave of 18-19 July 2022 was made “at least 10 times more likely” by human-caused climate change, a new “rapid-attrib... Read More

Attribution | Jul 28. 2022.
Scorched grass and empty deck chairs in Hyde Park, London, UK, during the heatwave in July 2022. Credit: Matthew Chattle / Alamy Stock Photo.

Analysis: How the UK’s ‘insane’ 40C heat was forecast ‘weeks in advance’

The UK has provisionally breached 40C for the first time ever, reaching 40.2C at London Heathrow airport. Before this heatwave, temperatures of 40C h... Read More

UK temperature | Jul 19. 2022.
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