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The eruption of Tonga's Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai underwater volcano.

Tonga volcano eruption raises ‘imminent’ risk of temporary 1.5C breach

The eruption of Tonga’s underwater volcano in 2022 may cause global temperatures to rise, raising the risk that at least one year in the next five ... Read More

GHGs and aerosols | Jan 12. 2023.
Coal plant and wind energy at the Eemshaven Seaport in Groningen, Netherlands.

Guest post: What the tiny remaining 1.5C carbon budget means for climate policy

The latest estimates from the Global Carbon Project (GCP) show that total worldwide CO2 emissions in 2022 have reached near-record levels.  T... Read More

Guest posts | Nov 11. 2022.
Taking a core sample in the Congo peatlands in the DRC. Credit: Greenpeace/Kevin McElvaney.

Guest post: Discovering a potential ‘tipping point’ for Congo’s tropical peatland

The world’s largest tropical peatland complex lies in the centre of Africa’s Congo basin.  First mapped by my research team in 2017, we e... Read More

Guest posts | Nov 2. 2022.
Aerial view above natural gas extraction Louisiana Credit: Aerial Archives / Alamy Stock Photo.

New fossil fuels 'incompatible’ with 1.5C goal, comprehensive analysis finds

There is a “large consensus” across all published studies that developing new oil and gas fields is “incompatible” with the 1.5C target, a ne... Read More

Oil and gas | Oct 23. 2022.
Aerial view of Seattle business and financial district in Washington, USA

‘Top 1%’ of emitters caused almost a quarter of growth in global emissions since 1990

Just 1% of the world’s population was responsible for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions growth over 1990-2019, new research finds. Th... Read More

GHGs and aerosols | Sep 29. 2022.
A woman sits in the shade at Primrose Hill during the severe heatwave, London, UK, 19 July 2022. Credit: xStephen Chung / Alamy Stock Photo.

Guest post: A Met Office review of the UK’s record-breaking summer in 2022

With the summer of 2022 entering the climate record books as the first time that the UK has hit an air temperature above 40C, it has without question... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 28. 2022.
Melting on the Larson c ice shelf in Antarctica

Tipping points: How could they shape the world’s response to climate change?

Researchers, economists and civil society representatives gathered in Exeter this week to discuss the prospect of “tipping points” in a warming w... Read More

Tipping points | Sep 16. 2022.
A close-up view of the rift separating Pine Island Glacier and Iceberg B-46. Credit: 2020 Images / Alamy Stock Photo.

Global warming above 1.5C could trigger ‘multiple’ tipping points

There is a “significant likelihood” that multiple “tipping points” will be crossed if global temperatures exceed 1.5C above pre-industrial le... Read More

Tipping points | Sep 8. 2022.
Drought devastated corn crops in Navasota, Texas. Credit: USDA Photo / Alamy Stock Photo.

Falling crop yields under warming could see ‘rapid’ decline in bioenergy’s potential

The impact of global warming on crop yields could reduce the effectiveness of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage – a technology often touted... Read More

Negative emissions | Sep 7. 2022.
Three doves flying over the North Atlantic. Credit: Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo.

Guest post: Clam shells show how North Atlantic ‘tipped’ into Little Ice Age

Global warming is already showing profound and visible impacts around the world. However, some changes may be unnoticed until they occur abruptly and... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 6. 2022.
IBM 360/195 Console 1971-1982 at the Met Office. © Crown Copyright 1971-1982. Information provided by the National Meteorological Library and Archive – Met Office, UK.

Guest post: The 50th anniversary of a remarkable global-warming prediction

Today marks the 50th anniversary of a remarkable research paper on global warming. Written by meteorologist John Sawyer, the paper – entitled ... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 1. 2022.
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