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Risk and adaptation


Map of demographics segregation in Milwaukee.

Discriminatory ‘redlining’ increases climate risk in disadvantaged US neighbourhoods

Long-abolished discriminatory lending practices in the US are still having an impact on the inequality of climate risks facing urban populations toda... Read More

Risk and adaptation | May 17. 2024.
Irrigation system from Egypt.

Guest post: Climate adaptation becomes less effective as the world warms

From flooding in New Zealand and wildfires in Canada through to drought in the Middle East and extreme heat across the northern hemisphere, last year... Read More

Guest posts | Mar 15. 2024.
Farmer takes shade under umbrella whilst moving cattle.

Lancet report: Heat stress wiped out equivalent of 4% of Africa's GDP in 2022

Loss of labour caused by heat stress wiped out the equivalent of 4% of Africa's GDP in 2022, warns a new report from the Lancet Countdown on Health a... Read More

Public health | Nov 14. 2023.
Yacht washed ashore and grounded during Storm Ciara at Cardwell Bay, Gourock, UK with H M Coastguard in attendance

Climate resilience: Is the UK ready for the impacts of global warming?

Every area of UK society will feel the effects of climate change and, as global emissions continue to rise, preparing for life in a warmer world is c... Read More

Risk and adaptation | Mar 13. 2023.
Flooding at the Bagmati river in India, a branch of the Ganges, due to heavy monsoon rains and melting of Himalaya glaciers.

Climate change will make it harder for world’s poorest to migrate, study says

Climate change will make it harder for the world’s poorest people to migrate – leaving them “extremely vulnerable” to continued impacts and i... Read More

People | Jul 25. 2022.
Climate change protest in Glasgow

Guest post: How to model society's response to climate change

How ambitious climate policy will be in the future is key to understanding the scale of climate change impacts we can expect. Yet, the question of ho... Read More

Guest posts | Feb 25. 2022.
Sabratha, Libya. Credit: Liquid Light / Alamy Stock Photo. AYWF1W

Mapped: African world heritage sites threatened by sea level rise ‘to triple by 2050’

Three times as many sites of sacred value, scientific wonder and natural splendour across Africa could face risks from human-caused climate change by... Read More

Sea level rise | Feb 10. 2022.
Army and local emergency services evacuate Fayetteville residents from floods caused by Hurricane Matthew_KHA8JE

US flooding increase will ‘disproportionately’ impact black and low-income groups

Climate change and population growth could drive a 26% rise in US flood risk by 2050 – disproportionately impacting black and low-income groups –... Read More

Floods | Jan 31. 2022.
A woman plants tree on the outskirts of Khartoum, Sudan

Climate-adaptation funds have not reached half of ‘most vulnerable’ nations, study finds

Many countries in Africa and those experiencing armed conflict are struggling to access money set aside to prepare them for climate change, according... Read More

Risk and adaptation | Jan 20. 2022.
INTERNATIONAL BORDER: MEXICO - UNITED STATES (aerial view). Algodones Dunes in the Sonoran Desert, Baja California, Mexico (left of wall)

Global warming will make undocumented migration into US ‘increasingly dangerous’

The already perilous desert crossing from Mexico to the US will become more dangerous as the climate warms, new research says. The research, publi... Read More

People | Dec 16. 2021.
Flood barriers holding back the River Severn

Guest post: How to assess regional climate information for adaptation planning

From heatwaves and wildfires, to floods and rainfall-induced landslides, the northern-hemisphere summer of 2021 has seen a brutal series of extreme w... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 21. 2021.
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