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EU policy


Norwegian tanker transporting Natural Liquid Gas Rotterdam

In-depth Q&A: How the EU plans to end its reliance on Russian fossil fuels

Solar panels on every new home and a ban on fossil-fuel boilers by the end of the decade are among the proposals in a new EU plan to completely end t... Read More

EU policy | May 20. 2022.

The Carbon Brief Profile: France

In this country profile, Carbon Brief examines the state of climate and energy policies in France, a major emitter that nevertheless relies on fossil... Read More

Country profiles | Apr 13. 2022.
German parties reach a deal to form a coalition government in Berlin

Q&A: What does the new German coalition government mean for climate change?

Following two months of negotiations, three political parties have agreed to form a new government in Germany, after hammering out a deal that includ... Read More

EU policy | Dec 2. 2021.
Row of billowing blue European Union flags outside the EU headquarters Berlaymont building

Q&A: How ‘Fit for 55’ reforms will help EU meet its climate goals

The European Commission has published proposals on how the European Union should reach its legally binding target to cut emissions to 55% below 1990 ... Read More

EU policy | Jul 20. 2021.
Fertiliser being sprayed on crops in France

Q&A: Will EU Common Agricultural Policy reforms help tackle climate change?

The EU has come to the end of a three-year effort to reform its controversial farming subsidy programme, known as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP... Read More

EU policy | Jun 28. 2021.
FridaysForFuture demonstration in Berlin, Germany. 29 March 2019. Credit: Agencja Fotograficzna Caro / Alamy Stock Photo. TA5RH5

Climate strikers: Open letter to EU leaders on why their new climate law is ‘surrender’

This is an open letter to EU leaders at the European Commission, European Parliament and member states from 34 youth climate activists, including Gre... Read More

Guest posts | Mar 3. 2020.
Aerial view of a windfarm in Germany. Credit: Leonid Andronov / Alamy Stock Photo.

Europe ‘could get 10 times’ its electricity needs from onshore wind, study says

An increased rollout of onshore wind turbines across Europe could technically provide the continent with more than 10 times its existing electricity n... Read More

Renewables | Jul 5. 2019.
Blocks of peat being cut in Connemara National Park, Republic of Ireland. Credit: robertharding / Alamy Stock Photo.

In-depth Q&A: Why Ireland is ‘nowhere near’ meeting its climate-change goals

Despite its comparatively small population, stalling efforts to tackle climate change mean Ireland contributes a disproportionate volume of Europe’s... Read More

EU policy | Jun 18. 2019.
Open coal mine in Garzweiler, Germany. Credit: JLBvdWOLF / Alamy Stock Photo. D36T92

Analysis: How far would Germany’s 2038 coal phaseout breach Paris climate goals?

The recommendation by Germany’s coal commission that the country end its use of the fossil fuel in power stations by 2038 could breach a Paris Agree... Read More

Coal | Jan 29. 2019.
EP6P4C Golden twin towers of the Court of Justice of the European Union, in European Quarter, Kirchberg, Luxembourg, behind the EU flag

Q&A: What next for UK capacity market after surprise EU ruling?

The UK capacity market, the main government policy for “keeping the lights on”, has been rendered illegal after a surprise EU court ruling issued ... Read More

UK policy | Nov 22. 2018.
GDJA5F High rise public building exterior with air conditioning units in Belgrade Serbia. Image shot 07/2016.

Climate change could flip European peak power demand to summer, study says

Climate change could push peak electricity demand from winter to summer in most European countries, a new study says. If global greenhouse gases ar... Read More

Energy | Aug 29. 2017.
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