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Measuring trees in Borneo.

Deforestation and drought threaten carbon storage in Borneo’s rainforests

Carbon storage in Borneo’s tropical rainforests faces a dual threat from deforestation for agriculture and droughts caused by El Niño events, a new... Read More

Air conditioners on the wall on the back street

Explainer: Why a UN climate deal on HFCs matters

Update 21/11/17 — The Kigali Amendment will now officially start in January 2019. The required entry-into-force threshold was reached this month... Read More

Power plant and a village in early morning in winter, north China

Aerosol emissions key to the surface warming ‘slowdown’, study says

In the early 2000s, the rate of warming at the Earth’s surface was slower than scientists expected, despite the continued accumulation of CO2 in the... Read More

Icebergs in Disko Bay

Cuts in Europe's air pollution have boosted Arctic warming by 0.5C

Tackling air pollution in Europe since its peak in the 1970s could have magnified Arctic warming by half a degree celsius, a new study suggests. ... Read More

Evening sun behind clouds above the sea, Shetland Islands.

Factcheck: Aerosols research misinterpreted to 'alarming extent'’, says study author

In its online edition on Friday, the Express claimed that the discovery of a new “natural coolant” by scientists has thrown “previous estimates of... Read More

Black smoke and fire from chimney from burning of associated gas

Cutting soot and methane distracts from 2C goal, says Oxford scientist

Politicians have agreed that global temperatures need to be limited to below 2C, and scientists say that this will mean drastically reducing emissions... Read More

Arctic landscape with Northern Lights

How successfully can the Arctic Council tackle climate change?

The US has promised to make climate action a priority of its two-year chairmanship of the Arctic Council. ... Read More

Air conditioning unit

Hydrofluorocarbon emissions up 54% with air conditioning on the rise

As spring temperatures in the UK inched above 20C in recent weeks, air conditioners in offices across the country will have rumbled into life after a... Read More

Tolbachik Volcano erupting, Kamchatka, Russia

What do volcanic eruptions mean for the climate?

Having lain dormant for over 40 years, the Calbuco volcano last night erupted twice within the space of a few hours. The blast sent a  huge cloud... Read More

Clear blue ocean

Surface warming 'hiatus' could stick around another five years, say scientists

Don't be surprised if the slower pace of warming we're seeing at the Earth's surface lasts for another five years, scientists say. ... Read More

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