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DN1ENH Aberystwyth Wales UK, Wednesday 18 December 2013. At the peak of the tide, gale force winds bring massive waves crashing onto the seafront at Aberystwyth on the west Wales coast. Winds are expected to increase in severity throughout the day, peaking at 50-60mph by the late afternoon. A yellow weather warning is in place for large parts of Wales today with the Met Office warning of high winds and heavy rain that could cause localised flooding. Gusts of up to 70mph are expected in exposed coastal areas. Photo Credit: keith morris/Alamy Live News

Coastal flooding in Europe ‘could cost up to €1 trillion per year’ by 2100

The economic damage from coastal flooding in Europe could reach almost €1 trillion per year by 2100 without new investment in adaptation to climate... Read More

King tides flood property on Kiribati atoll. Credit: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert / Alamy Stock Photo. BGP1PD

Low-lying atolls could become 'uninhabitable' earlier than thought

Low-lying coral islands across the tropical oceans could become “uninhabitable” in the coming decades because of the combined impacts of sea level... Read More

D522WM Storm clouds over city skyline

New York City could face damaging floods ‘every five years’ in a warmer climate

New York City could be struck by severe flooding up to every five years by 2030-45 if no efforts are made to curb human-driven climate change, new... Read More

Changing climate demands new approach to flood risk, say MPs

A new report by MPs says the government could be doing a lot better at managing flooding, as well as telling people how much risk they are exposed to... Read More

Coast Guard continue assistance efforts in flooded South Carolina

Sea level rise could put 13m Americans at risk of flooding by 2100

Rising sea levels and growing coastal populations could put millions of people in the US at risk of flooding, a new study suggests. ... Read More

Rain-obsessed: Brits concerned about climate change likely to think weather has got worse

Does the weather affect people's views on climate change? A new paper looks at how people link the two, and finds the British public focus on wet... Read More

Preserving corals could save billions in coastal defences - new study

In 2005, Hurricane Wilma whipped up 13-metre waves off the coast of Mexico. Yet when the waves reached the Caribbean sea's Meso-American coral reef,... Read More

How much flooding is in the UK'’s future? A look at the IPCC report

From posing a threat to natural ecosystems to damaging business, property and livelihoods, a report out this week from the UN's official climate body... Read More

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