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The Carbon Brief Profile: Canada

In the latest article in a series on how some of the world’s key emitters are responding to climate change, Carbon Brief considers Canada’s... Read More

Oilsands development in northern Alberta, Canada.

Mismatched graph creates confusion in Canada's UN climate pledge

21.05.15 - Updated with response from Environment Canada, and details of new assessments of Canada's INDC by other organisations. ... Read More

Tackling climate while maximising oil extraction: UK-Canada meeting glosses the paradox

Ministers from the UK and Canada came together for a roundtable meeting on energy security on Tuesday to discuss issues including exports from the... Read More

New research: Arctic and tar sand oil production is ‘incompatible’ with limiting global warming

Governments wishing to eke out their domestic oil supplies are increasingly encouraging 'unconventional' fossil fuel exploration, as new technology... Read More

Carbon Briefing: Who killed the EU'’s transport fuel standards?

Is the fuel that powers our cars set to get a lot dirtier? After 2020, the European Union is to drop the Fuel Quality Directive, a measure designed to... Read More

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