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Freya Roberts

LATEST BY Freya Roberts

2013 emissions edge the world closer to 2 degrees

Carbon dioxide emissions are up again. This year's emissions are set to reach a record-breaking 36 billion tonnes, according to a new study by the Global Carbon Project.News…

Science | 19.11.13

How vulnerable is the energy sector to extreme weather?

Since the 1950s, the world's seen an increase in the number and intensity of many extreme weather events, which can be challenging for the infrastructure that powers our…

Science | 12.11.13

Did the Montreal Protocol contribute to the surface warming slowdown?

A ban on gases that created a hole in the ozone layer may have contributed to the slowdown in surface warming, if new research is right. An international…

Science | Temperature | 10.11.13

Natural aerosols complicate climate understanding

The planet is warming as extra greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap more heat. But at the same time, other tiny particles and gases known as aerosols are…

Science | 06.11.13

10,000 year record shows Pacific depths warming fast

A temperature record built from the shells of tiny sea creatures suggests the middle depths of the Pacific ocean have warmed 15 times faster in the last 60…

Science | 31.10.13

Drying in the Amazon rainforest – what could it mean for climate change?

The southern reaches of the Amazon rainforest are drying up - a little bit more each year. That's according to a new study which finds that since 1979,…

Science | 22.10.13

No corner of the ocean will escape climate change, say scientists

Humans' greenhouse gas emissions are changing the oceans' chemical makeup - posing risks to wildlife and coastal communities. That's the conclusion of a new study which says every…

Oceans | 18.10.13
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