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Coal fired electric power plant in India

Guest post: How world’s coal-power pipeline has shrunk by three-quarters

There is now a broad consensus that unabated coal power generation must be rapidly phased out if the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement are to be met.... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 14. 2021.
PSA International Brani Container Terminal with the CBD skyline, Brani Island, Singapore. Credit: Jason Knott / Alamy Stock Photo. FGRPBF


ここ数年、気候科学者、経済学者、エネルギーシステムモデル研究者による国際チームは、次の100年ほどの間... Read More

Translations | Jul 28. 2021.
A procession of 50 ton trucks are loaded with overburden on their way to a spoil heap at a new open cast mine near Ordos, China

Guest post: Hundreds of planned coal mines ‘incompatible with 1.5C target’

Proposals to build hundreds of new coal mines could raise global output of the fossil fuel by 30%, putting the world’s climate goals or up to $91bn... Read More

Guest posts | Jun 10. 2021.
Building activity at a new coal fired electric power plant in China

Guest post: How finance from rich nations could drive 40% of new coal plant emissions

Coal use needs to rapidly fall this decade if the world has any chance of achieving the 1.5C temperature target of the Paris Agreement, yet new coal ... Read More

Guest posts | Apr 14. 2021.
Smoke is discharged from chimneys at a coal-fired power plant in Datong city, Shanxi province

China should ‘rapidly’ close 186 coal plants to help meet its climate goals, study says

New research has identified that 18% of China's coal-fired power plants “can be retired first and rapidly" to help the nation achieve its goal of ... Read More

China Policy | Mar 25. 2021.
Factory workers in Tongcheng, China, on 17 November 2020. Credit: Costfoto / Alamy Stock Photo.


虽然中国的二氧化碳排放在上半年的疫情管控期间同比下降了3%,但该数值在下半年却超额增长,攀升了4%以上。... Read More

China Policy | Mar 8. 2021.
Factory workers in Tongcheng, China, on 17 November 2020. Credit: Costfoto / Alamy Stock Photo.

Analysis: China’s CO2 emissions surged 4% in second half of 2020

A surge in China's output of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the second half of last year pushed the country’s emissions above their 2019 total, despite th... Read More

China Policy | Mar 1. 2021.
Pleasants Power Station located on the Ohio River

Guest post: How global warming is making power plants produce less electricity

The coal, gas and nuclear power plants that generate most of the world’s electricity have to be kept cool in order to function properly. However, t... Read More

Guest posts | Feb 15. 2021.

Q&A: Could an environmental inspector’s criticisms accelerate China’s climate policies?

Last week, in a move that has shocked observers, China’s Central Environmental Inspection Team (CEIT) openly criticised the central government’s ... Read More

China Policy | Feb 5. 2021.


对最新季度数据的分析显示,中国的二氧化碳排放量已经从因“新冠”封锁而导致的骤然而短暂的回落中反弹,... Read More

Translations | Dec 8. 2020.

Analysis: Surge in China’s steel production helps to fuel record-high CO2 emissions

China’s CO2 emissions have rebounded from a steep, but short-lived, fall due to the Covid-19 lockdown to reach a new record high, analysis of the l... Read More

Guest posts | Dec 3. 2020.
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