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UK emissions

Land recultivation next to Boxberg coal-fired power plant.

'Huge' coal-to-gas switch drives down EU power emissions

Europe's power-sector CO2 emissions fell 4.5% in 2016 after a "huge" switch from coal- to gas-fired generation, according to new analysis. ... Read More

EU emissions | Jan 25. 2017.
Orange electric car on charge, London, England, UK

Autumn statement 2016: Key climate and energy announcements

There were high hopes that today's autumn statement, the Treasury's second set of budgetary announcements for the year, would provide clarity on a... Read More

UK policy | Nov 23. 2016.
Slag heap at Ratcliffe coal power station

UK plans to close last coal plant by 2025

Plans to close all coal-fired power stations by the end of 2025 were published today by the UK's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial... Read More

Coal | Nov 9. 2016.
Air traffic near Heathrow
Credit: Getty Images

Analysis: Aviation to consume half of UK's 1.5C carbon budget by 2050

Aviation's greenhouse gas emissions could consume around half the carbon budget available to the UK in 2050, even if the sector's emissions growth is... Read More

UK emissions | Oct 24. 2016.
A cogeneration thermal power plant in Ferrera Erbognone, Italy.

CCC: UK must act now to secure zero-carbon heat by 2050

UK heating must be virtually zero-carbon by 2050, says the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). ... Read More

UK emissions | Oct 13. 2016.
Researchers investigate how to permanently store carbon dioxide in basalt formations

CCC: UK 'needs negative emissions' to comply with Paris climate deal

The UK will have to use negative emissions to comply with the Paris Agreement on climate change, according to its official climate advisers. ... Read More

UK emissions | Oct 13. 2016.
A row of colourful beach huts.

Analysis: UK solar beats coal over half a year

The UK's solar panels generated more electricity than coal across the past six months combined, Carbon Brief analysis shows, rounding off a historic... Read More

Science | Features | Oct 4. 2016.
Electric meter

Factcheck: The carbon floor price and household energy bills

Not long ago, barely a week went by without newspaper headlines about household energy bills. There was Ed Miliband's price freeze and David Cameron's... Read More

Factchecks | Sep 29. 2016.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at the London climate change march in Novermber 2015

Analysis: Jeremy Corbyn promises 65% share of renewables by 2030

A manifesto for energy and the environment, released by Jeremy Corbyn today, explains how a future Labour government would tackle climate change. ... Read More

UK policy | Sep 7. 2016.
Pre-construction work at HPC site, HPB in background - May '12

Q&A: The Hinkley C new nuclear plant

Update 15/9/2016 - The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has given the go-ahead for the Hinkley C scheme. The move was... Read More

Nuclear | Jul 28. 2016.
Drilling Fracking Rig overlooking a vast valley in Northern Colorado.

CCC: Fracking would breach UK climate goals without tougher conditions

Onshore oil and gas extraction, including fracking, is not compatible with the UK's climate targets unless it can meet tough standards on emissions,... Read More

Oil and gas | Jul 7. 2016.
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