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Wind power stations at sea in evening

IEA: Renewables should overtake coal ‘within five years’ to secure 1.5C goal

The world needs a “radical” shift towards renewables to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and secure the 1.5C goal, says the International Energy ... Read More

Energy | May 18. 2021.
A man checks panels on a solar farm in South Africa

‘Exceptional new normal’: IEA raises growth forecast for wind and solar by another 25%

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has raised its forecast for the global growth of wind and solar by another 25% compared to figures it published... Read More

Renewables | May 11. 2021.
Evaporation ponds of the Sociedad Quimica Mineral de Chile lithium mine in Salar de Atacama

IEA: Mineral supplies for electric cars ‘must increase 30-fold’ to meet climate goals

At least 30 times as much lithium, nickel and other key minerals may be required by the electric car industry by 2040 to meet global climate targets,... Read More

Renewables | May 5. 2021.

IEA: India is on ‘cusp of a solar-powered revolution’

India is entering a “solar-powered revolution” that will see it edge out coal as the nation’s top electricity source, according to the Internat... Read More

Energy | Feb 9. 2021.

Floating solar panels on 1% of reservoirs ‘could double’ Africa’s hydropower capacity

Solar panels floating on the lakes formed by Africa’s hydropower dams could be a major new source of power, according to a new study. If these p... Read More

Renewables | Jan 29. 2021.

In-depth Q&A: How does the UK’s ‘energy white paper’ aim to tackle climate change?

After months of delays, the UK government has launched a white paper setting out the government’s agenda for the energy sector and its role in tack... Read More

UK policy | Dec 16. 2020.

In-depth Q&A: Does the world need hydrogen to solve climate change?

Hydrogen gas has long been recognised as an alternative to fossil fuels and a potentially valuable tool for tackling climate change. Now, as natio... Read More

Energy | Nov 30. 2020.
Aerial view of solar panels in a solar farm in Thailand.

IEA: Wind and solar capacity will overtake both gas and coal globally by 2024

Wind and solar capacity will double over the next five years globally and exceed that of both gas and coal, according to a new International Energy A... Read More

Energy | Nov 10. 2020.
Wind mills in Dabancheng Wind Farm, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China.


中国要想在2060年前实现近日宣布的“碳中和”目标,那么其电力系统需在2050年前达到二氧化碳“净零”排放。 ... Read More

Translations | Oct 20. 2020.
Wind mills in Dabancheng Wind Farm, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China.

Influential academics reveal how China can achieve its ‘carbon neutrality’ goal

China’s electricity system would need to reach net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 if the country is to meet its recently announced target of “carbon ... Read More

China Policy | Oct 14. 2020.
Workers clean photovoltaic panels inside a solar power plant in Gujarat, India.

Solar is now ‘cheapest electricity in history’, confirms IEA

The world’s best solar power schemes now offer the “cheapest…electricity in history” with the technology cheaper than coal and gas in most m... Read More

Energy | Oct 13. 2020.
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