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Clouds over the Atlantic Ocean

Factcheck: Mail on Sunday's 'astonishing evidence' about global temperature rise

This is a guest post by Zeke Hausfather, a climate scientist and energy systems analyst at Berkeley Earth, an independent temperature analysis... Read More

Factchecks | Feb 5. 2017.
Power meter

UK Climate Change Act: Understanding the costs and benefits

Update 21/12/16 – We updated the article after receiving a response from Peter Lilley, eight days after we sent questions. ... Read More

UK policy | Dec 16. 2016.
Overstrand beach looking toward Cromer on the North Norfolk coastline, England UK

Factcheck: Littlejohn's ‘inaccurate’ climate claim in Daily Mail about tsunamis

In today's edition of the Daily Mail, the prominent commentator Richard Littlejohn makes an erroneous claim at the very end of his fullpage weekly... Read More

Factchecks | Dec 6. 2016.
Schareck ski region in Austria

Factcheck: Newspaper claim about global temperature is 'deeply misleading'

This is a guest post by Zeke Hausfather, a climate scientist and energy systems analyst at Berkeley Earth, an independent temperature analysis... Read More

Global temperature | Dec 3. 2016.
Electric meter

Factcheck: The carbon floor price and household energy bills

Not long ago, barely a week went by without newspaper headlines about household energy bills. There was Ed Miliband's price freeze and David Cameron's... Read More

Factchecks | Sep 29. 2016.
Views over wild grasses and weeds of a wind farm during an Autumn sunset.

Factcheck: Which parts of the UK are windy enough for windfarms?

Onshore windfarms offer the cheapest form of new electricity generation in the UK, says the chief executive of industry group RenewableUK, as long as... Read More

Factchecks | Jun 6. 2016.
After heavy rainfall, the diffuse skyline of Barcelona is emerging in the twilight behind raindrops on a window

Factcheck: Are climate models ‘wrong’ on rainfall extremes?

Several media outlets are reporting that new research shows climate model projections of rainfall extremes may be “flawed” or “wrong”. ... Read More

Factchecks | Apr 7. 2016.
High altitude view of the Earth

Scientists respond to Matt Ridley's climate change claims

Matt Ridley is a Conservative hereditary peer and journalist, who used to be best known for writing about genetics. He is probably better known now... Read More

In Focus | Dec 7. 2015.
A view of a water canal running from the Euphrates river into the semi-desert region of eastern Syria

Factcheck: Media reacts to Prince Charles's comments on Syria and climate change

A Sky News interview with Prince Charles has received a lot of media attention today. Many of today's newspapers are carrying comments by the Prince... Read More

Factchecks | Nov 23. 2015.
Hot steel being poured in a steel plant

Factcheck: The steel crisis and UK electricity prices

Update 8/4/16 - BBC News is reporting on Tata Steel's windfall profits under the EU's carbon market, an issue highlighted by Carbon Brief in October.... Read More

Factchecks | Oct 22. 2015.
Symbol for renewable energy and bio energy. kirillov alexey/

Factcheck: How much energy does the world get from renewables?

The world cannot avoid dangerous climate change without moving to "near zero emissions" before the end of the century, according to the... Read More

Renewables | Oct 6. 2015.
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