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Thermal power plant with large chimney

Mapped: EU coal plants 'should all close by 2030'

EU countries should close all of their coal plants by around 2030 if they want to stick to the Paris Agreement on climate change. ... Read More

Coal | Feb 9. 2017.
The climate ecosystem on twitter in 2016

Mapped: The climate change conversation on Twitter in 2016

Last year, Carbon Brief asked John Swain from Right Relevance to produce a map which visualised the climate change conversation on Twitter. In April,... Read More

Guest posts | Jan 31. 2017.
Sunset over Tokyo, Japan

Interactive: How much does El Niño affect global temperature?

Every day, thousands of measurements are taken across the world by weather stations, ships, satellites, floating buoys and weather balloons.... Read More

Global temperature | Jan 20. 2017.

Analysis: The climate papers most featured in the media in 2016

Every year, thousands of scientific journal papers are published by researchers across the world, but only a tiny proportion make it into the pages of... Read More

Features | Jan 12. 2017.
Using observations from NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) satellite, scientists developed a model of the behavior of carbon in the atmosphere from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015

Video: NASA produces first 3D animation of global carbon emissions

NASA, the US space agency, has released an "eye-popping" three-dimensional animation showing carbon dioxide emissions moving through the Earth's... Read More

Global emissions | Dec 14. 2016.
Busy road intersection in Manhattan, New York, at sunset. There are some blurred yellow cabs on foreground, and buildings, people and cars on background. Long exposure shot. Travel and city life. william87/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Mapped: The US states 'decoupling' economic growth and emissions

Some 33 US states have cut CO2 emissions while growing their economies over the past 15 years, according to new analysis from the Brookings... Read More

Rest of world emissions | Dec 13. 2016.
SPM fig 4 from the IPCC

Six tips for creating a good climate change graphic

Can you make a simple, eye-catching graphic about climate change without compromising on the science? This is a question climate scientists often... Read More

Infographics | Nov 28. 2016.
Prosper Sawadogo, 63 year old farmer. Prosper’s diversity of agricultural production is enough to feed his family for the whole year. Birou village, Burkina Faso.

Guest post: Power of images to shape climate change perceptions

Dr Adam Corner is the research director at Climate Outreach and an honorary research fellow at the school of psychology, Cardiff University. ... Read More

Guest posts | Nov 16. 2016.
Wind turbines near Workington (Cumbria, England, UK)

Analysis: The impact of La Niña on UK wind power

A comment piece in the Times earlier this week appeared to make a troubling prediction for the UK wind industry this winter. It warned the arrival of... Read More

Energy | Oct 21. 2016.
Rock strata, taken in Karijini National Park, Western Australia.

Anthropocene: The journey to a new geological epoch

Over the last century, humans have littered the oceans with plastic, pumped CO2 into the air and raked fertilisers across the land. The impact of our... Read More

Features | Oct 5. 2016.
A row of colourful beach huts.

Analysis: UK solar beats coal over half a year

The UK's solar panels generated more electricity than coal across the past six months combined, Carbon Brief analysis shows, rounding off a historic... Read More

Science | Features | Oct 4. 2016.
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