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Aug 8. 2017. 16:21:02

In-depth: The challenges facing the Dieter Helm 'energy cost' review

The UK government has asked Prof Dieter Helm, an economist at the University of Oxford, to carry out…

Mapped: Where £4.4bn is being spent on flood protection in England

The UK government recently made a little-noticed update to a dataset which details where billions of pounds of funding is being channelled for flood protection in England. Carbon…
Floods | Apr 4. 2017.

Caudrilla begins drilling for shale gas in Lancashire, Macquarie completes £2.3bn Green Investment Bank deal

Drilling has got underway at a fracking site in Lancashire. Cuadrilla started drilling a pilot well yesterday to identify the best locations for shale gas extraction at the…

Daily Brief | Aug 18. 2017.


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