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May 10. 2017. 11:11:29

Brexit negotiations should treat energy as ‘special case’, says report

There are strong practical reasons why the UK and EU should treat energy as a special case during…

Mapped: Where £4.4bn is being spent on flood protection in England

The UK government recently made a little-noticed update to a dataset which details where billions of pounds of funding is being channelled for flood protection in England. Carbon…
Floods | Apr 4. 2017.

Trump risks ‘lasting damage’ if U.S. pulls out of Paris climate agreement, BP restarts production at £4.4bn North Sea oilfield, & more

The Trump administration risks causing “lasting damage” to relations with European allies if the US withdraws from the Paris climate agreement, Germany’s environment minister has warned. In a…

Daily Brief | May 23. 2017.


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