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Jun 19. 2017. 17:08:41

Guest post: How new EU rules could ‘hide’ climate impact of harvesting forests

This is a guest post by Dr Jo House, co-chair of the Global Environmental Change Theme at University…

Analysis: The climate papers most featured in the media in 2016

Every year, thousands of scientific journal papers are published by researchers across the world, but only a tiny proportion make it into the pages of the newspapers. Using…
Features | Jan 12. 2017.

Hinkley Point deal 'risky and expensive', Blast from air guns used in hunt for oil killing plankton and threatening marine ecosystems, scientists warn, & more

The government had not sufficiently considered the costs and risks for consumers ahead of deciding on plans to built a new £18bn nuclear power station, the National Audit…

Daily Brief | Jun 23. 2017.


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