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Extreme weather

Aberystwyth Wales UK, Wednesday 27 February 2019

Guest post: How weather forecasts can spark a new kind of extreme-event attribution

Extreme weather events across the world this year have been hitting the headlines at an alarming rate. To name a few, 2021 has seen flooding in ce... Read More

Guest posts | Dec 21. 2021.
A man walking in the dried-out field in Andranosira

Climate change not the main driver of Madagascar food crisis, scientists find

Poverty, poor infrastructure and dependence on rain-fed agriculture are the main drivers of the ongoing food crisis in Madagascar, according to a new... Read More

Attribution | Dec 1. 2021.
A wildfire burns through forests at the Summit Trail Fire in the Colville Reservation, Washington

Melting Arctic sea ice linked to ‘worsening fire hazards’ in western US

Arctic sea ice melt has driven an increase in “fire-favourable weather” across the western US over the past four decades, according to new resear... Read More

Wildfires | Nov 25. 2021.
Two people hurry along the Southbank in London as torrential downpour continues

Guest post: How hourly rainfall extremes are changing in a warming climate

The floods across Europe, China and the US in recent months have again brought to the fore the ability of extreme rainfall to take lives, destroy hom... Read More

Guest posts | Nov 18. 2021.
March for Climate Justice in Kolkata organised by West Bengal along with many other climate, environmental and science based grass-root movements and organisations

Today’s youth will face ‘unmatched’ climate extremes compared to older generations

People born in 2020 will have to face between two and seven times more extreme climate-related events over their lifetimes than people born in 1960, ... Read More

People | Sep 27. 2021.
Firefighters help citizens with their vehicles and safety as Typhoon In-fa brings heavy rains and flooding in Ningbo City_2GA6GHR

Guest post: Reviewing the summer of extreme weather in 2021

From heatwaves and hurricanes in the US to flooding in Europe and China, the weather over recent months has frequently hit the headlines. So, with... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 8. 2021.
Torrential rain causes flash flooding in Aylestone in Leicester

Explainer: What the new IPCC report says about extreme weather and climate change

The new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the science of climate change lands in the aftermath of a series of deadl... Read More

IPCC | Aug 10. 2021.
A man accepts cold water during a heatwave in Oregon, US on 12 August 2021. Credit: Reuters / Alamy Stock Photo.

Climate change will drive rise in ‘record-shattering’ heat extremes

“Record-shattering” extremes – which break weather records by large margins – will become more likely as a result of climate change, a new st... Read More

Extreme weather | Jul 26. 2021.
People ride on a waterlogged road in Zhengzhou after torrential rains

State of the climate: 2021 sees widespread climate extremes despite a cool start

While the early months of 2021 have been cooler than much of the past decade, global temperatures have risen in recent months as the effects of La Ni... Read More

State of the climate | Jul 26. 2021.
Hurricane Maria destroyed everything during its passage on the island of Dominica

Recent increase in major Atlantic hurricanes may be ‘rebound’ after 1960-1980s lull

Reported increases in major hurricanes in the North Atlantic over the satellite era are potentially a “recovery from a deep minimum in the 1960-198... Read More

Storms | Jul 13. 2021.
A woman enters a cooling centre during the scorching weather of a heatwave in Vancouver

Pacific north-west heatwave shows climate is heading into ‘uncharted territory’

The deadly heatwave that hit north-western US and Canada in late June would have been “virtually impossible” without human-caused global warming,... Read More

Heatwaves | Jul 7. 2021.
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