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Protesters block a highway during a protest in Mandan against plans to pass the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation_2CMRP74

Guest post: An Indigenous peoples’ approach to climate justice

Climate change has been identified as the “defining issue of our time” by many of the world’s leading experts and the diagnosis of planetary he... Read More

Guest posts | Oct 8. 2021.
Rain guage with digital data collection device, South Africa

Researchers: The barriers to climate science in the global south

Many researchers from the global south face obstacles towards conducting and publishing high-quality climate research. a#bioName{color: #2f8fce; f... Read More

Science | Oct 7. 2021.
People stage a die-in during a Fridays for Future march in New Delhi

Experts: Why does ‘climate justice’ matter?

The term “climate justice” captures the various ways in which global warming impacts people differently and the approaches that can be taken to a... Read More

People | Oct 7. 2021.
Organic produce farm in Pinar del Rio Province, Cuba

Climate justice: The challenge of achieving a ‘just transition’ in agriculture

Although often overlooked in discussions around climate policy, agriculture is beginning to earn recognition as both a driver of climate change ... Read More

Food and farming | Oct 6. 2021.
European space scientists view NASA data visualizations at the US Center during COP 18 Doha

Analysis: The lack of diversity in climate-science research

Publishing research in respected journals, such as Nature or Science, is a key way for academics to share their findings with the scientific communit... Read More

Science | Oct 6. 2021.
Young activists march as part of the Global Climate Strike of the movement Fridays for Future, in Cape Town. Credit: Reuters / Alamy Stock Photo.

In-depth Q&A: What is ‘climate justice’?

When hurricanes, floods or droughts strike, all too often those hit hardest are poor and marginalised communities who bear little responsibility for ... Read More

People | Oct 4. 2021.
March for Climate Justice in Kolkata organised by West Bengal along with many other climate, environmental and science based grass-root movements and organisations

Today’s youth will face ‘unmatched’ climate extremes compared to older generations

People born in 2020 will have to face between two and seven times more extreme climate-related events over their lifetimes than people born in 1960, ... Read More

People | Sep 27. 2021.
Flood barriers holding back the River Severn

Guest post: How to assess regional climate information for adaptation planning

From heatwaves and wildfires, to floods and rainfall-induced landslides, the northern-hemisphere summer of 2021 has seen a brutal series of extreme w... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 21. 2021.
Three junior school girls studying the globe atlas for geography studies in school library_A0NP28

Guest post: The climate-change gaps in the UK school curriculum

While the impacts of global warming are already being felt across the world, the decisions taken now on climate action will most affect today’s you... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 15. 2021.
Waves crashing into sea wall, Filey Bay, Yorkshire

CCC: Adaptation to climate risks ‘underfunded and ignored’ by UK government

Efforts to manage climate risks in the UK have been “underfunded and ignored” leaving the nation vulnerable to rising temperatures, according to ... Read More

UK policy | Jun 16. 2021.

Guest post: How to assess the multiple interacting risks of climate change

A key threat of a warming climate is that it does not pose one single risk, but rather it presents multiple, interacting risks.  In a highly ... Read More

Guest posts | Apr 27. 2021.
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