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Waves crashing into sea wall, Filey Bay, Yorkshire

CCC: Adaptation to climate risks ‘underfunded and ignored’ by UK government

Efforts to manage climate risks in the UK have been “underfunded and ignored” leaving the nation vulnerable to rising temperatures, according to ... Read More

UK policy | Jun 16. 2021.

Guest post: How to assess the multiple interacting risks of climate change

A key threat of a warming climate is that it does not pose one single risk, but rather it presents multiple, interacting risks.  In a highly ... Read More

Guest posts | Apr 27. 2021.
Queue of ambulances at the accident and emergency department at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Guest post: Calculating the carbon footprint of the NHS in England

In 2017, the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change warned that the impact of climate change on human health is now so severe that it should b... Read More

Guest posts | Feb 18. 2021.
stall with fresh green vegetables on farmers market

Guest post: Health benefits of Paris climate goals could save millions of lives by 2040

On World Health Day in 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that “protecting human health is the ‘bottom line’ of climate change ... Read More

Guest posts | Feb 17. 2021.
Women and children walking in the fields

Guest post: Why avoiding climate change ‘maladaptation’ is vital

With the delayed UN climate talks coming up this year, COP26 president Alok Sharma recently launched a “Race to Resilience” to underscore the urg... Read More

Guest posts | Feb 10. 2021.

Climate change has ‘worsened’ North America’s pollen season

The pollen season in North America is starting earlier and lasting longer than it did four decades ago, a new study says. The research, published ... Read More

Public health | Feb 8. 2021.
Flying fox in Battambang, Cambodia

Scientists sceptical of new bat study linking climate change to Covid-19 emergence

A new study suggests that climate change is enabling the evolution of new coronaviruses by creating “hotspots” for multiple bat species.  ... Read More

Public health | Feb 5. 2021.
Malawian workers toil in a crop of soay below Mount Mulanje.

Guest post: Lessons from Africa on climate change adaptation

The Earth’s changing climate is already having major consequences for the environment and society. While these impacts highlight the need to cut gr... Read More

Guest posts | Feb 1. 2021.

Climate change could have a ‘profound’ negative impact on child malnourishment

The negative impacts of climate change on child malnourishment could outweigh the positive effects of economic development in low- and middle-income ... Read More

Public health | Jan 14. 2021.
Students at english class. Madaba, Jordan. Credit: Thomas Imo / Alamy Stock Phot

Tackling gender inequality is ‘crucial’ for climate adaptation

Efforts to tackle gender inequality can play a key role in how countries adapt to the growing risks posed by climate change, a new study says. The... Read More

Risk and adaptation | Dec 15. 2020.

Guest post: The perils of counter-intuitive design in IPCC graphics

The periodic assessment reports of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) play a crucial role for policymakers, providing regula... Read More

Guest posts | Nov 26. 2020.
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