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Public opinion

Extinction Rebellion protest, Parliament Square, London

Guest post: Polls reveal surge in concern in UK about climate change

Leo Barasi is the author of The Climate Majority: Apathy and Action in an Age of Nationalism and blogs at Noise of the crowd. ... Read More

Guest posts | May 10. 2019.
BJE32H Snowman Demo 2010 on the Schlossplatz, Castle Square, Berlin, Germany, Europe.

Germans most worried about climate change, analysis shows

People living in Germany are the most worried about climate change, according to new analysis of 18 countries published this week. ... Read More

Public opinion | Dec 12. 2017.

Election 2017: What the manifestos say on energy and climate change

Update 9/6/2017: Following the news today that the Conservatives failed to secure a majority of MPs in parliament, prime minister Theresa May has... Read More

UK policy | May 16. 2017.
Shanghai's financial centre, China

Global survey: Where in the world is most and least aware of climate change?

Analysis of a global survey finds that more than a third of the world's adults have never heard of climate change. For some countries, such as South... Read More

Public opinion | Jul 27. 2015.
Block of flats in London, England

Analysis: Regional attitudes to climate change across the UK

Do people across Britain think differently about climate change? Or does the UK speak as one voice? Data on regional attitudes to climate change is... Read More

Public opinion | May 22. 2015.
Anti-fracking protest, Balcombe, UK

Opposition to fracking increases again, finds Sunday Times poll

The British public is becoming increasingly opposed to fracking for shale gas, a series of polls for the Sunday Times show. However, as with some ... Read More

Public opinion | May 18. 2015.
Flooded UK countryside road

What the UK public thinks about climate change and energy - in seven charts

Each year in March, the UK government's Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) carries out a nationwide poll, asking people for their... Read More

Public opinion | Apr 30. 2015.

Shale gas remains UK’s most divisive energy source, poll shows

The public remains divided on whether the UK should exploit its shale gas resources, new government polling shows. ... Read More

| Oil and gas | Feb 3. 2015.
US Capitol Building, Washington DC

New US poll shows gap between scientists, the public, and politicians on climate change

The US Congress set up a showdown with the Barack Obama yesterday over the approval of the controversial Keystone XL oil sands pipeline. ... Read More

Public opinion | Jan 30. 2015.
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