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    Carbon Brief is keen to hear from anyone – scientists, civil servants, etc – who wishes to pass us anonymously a tip-off, message or documentation of interest. We will expose serious wrongdoing, such as corruption, political intimidation/interference and data suppression, if the information we receive can be verified and it is in the public interest to do so.

    Protecting the anonymity and security of sources is vitally important to us so we have taken steps to ensure that you can contact us securely and without your communications being intercepted by third parties. The following options are available:


    You can send us encrypted emails using PGP. You may want to use an alternative email address and connect from an IP address other than your home or work, e.g. a coffee shop or internet cafe. You may also want to use a newly created, web-based email address. Although the body of the email will be encrypted, the record of who you contacted may still be obtained by third parties. You may need to install an email client, or you can use browser plugins, such as Mailvelope, to use PGP.

    You can contact us at [email protected]. Please mark any media requests clearly in the subject line.

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    PGP Public Key

    Individual PGP keys for the members of our team are available on our About Us page.


    You can also simply post us mail to our office in London. Mail your package from a public letter box and do not include a return address. This is, perhaps, the most secure method to send us a message or documents. Be careful not to print out any documents at your workplace, though, as this might leave a digital trail.

    Our address is:

    Carbon Brief
    180 Borough High Street
    London SE1 1LB
    United Kingdom


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