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The Bear getting free from the ice pack.

Guest post: Piecing together the Arctic’s sea ice history back to 1850

A guest article by Florence Fetterer, principal investigator at the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) in the US. ... Read More

Arctic sea ice in Greenland

Guest post: How the Pacific Ocean alters the pace of Arctic warming

A guest post from Dr James Screen, senior research fellow in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of... Read More

Icebergs in Disko Bay

Cuts in Europe's air pollution have boosted Arctic warming by 0.5C

Tackling air pollution in Europe since its peak in the 1970s could have magnified Arctic warming by half a degree celsius, a new study suggests. ... Read More

Schareck ski region in Austria

Guest Post: Understanding climate feedbacks

A guest post from Prof Eric Wolff, Royal Society research professor in the Climate Change and Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere Systems Group at the University... Read More

View of Chicago and Lake Michgan during the 2014 Norrth American cold wave

Scientists pinpoint Arctic warming hotspots behind severe northern hemisphere winters

Recent research suggests a warming Arctic could be the cause of a series of very cold winters in the US and Asia. Now, a new study picks out the... Read More

Underwater in the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Tiny marine plants could amplify Arctic warming by 20%, new study finds

Temperatures in the Arctic are rising faster than the rest of the world. Now, new research suggests microscopic algae could speed up warming even... Read More

Fish-eye lens view of sea ice off the coast of Spitsbergen

Natural variability could slow the pace of Arctic summer sea ice loss, study says

Natural fluctuations in the oceans and atmosphere are currently conspiring to amplify the impact of manmade global warming on summer Arctic sea ice,... Read More

Woman enjoy the cold waters of fountain during a heat wave.

Scientists link Arctic warming to intense summer heatwaves in the northern hemisphere

The Arctic is warming up, and the impacts are being felt right across the world. A new study suggests rising temperatures there could even be... Read More

Clear blue ocean

Surface warming 'hiatus' could stick around another five years, say scientists

Don't be surprised if the slower pace of warming we're seeing at the Earth's surface lasts for another five years, scientists say. ... Read More

Graphic preview: Aerosols in the Arctic.

Aerosols dampen pace of Arctic warming for now, say scientists

As the Earth warms under increasing greenhouse gas emissions, temperatures have risen more quickly in the Arctic than the rest of the world. But... Read More

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