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Coal Plant in Uttar Pradesh State, India. Credit: dbimages / Alamy Stock Photo. BB1E4P

Global coal use may have peaked in 2014, says latest IEA World Energy Outlook

The world may never again use as much coal as during a peak in 2014, according to the latest World Energy Outlook from the International Energy Agency... Read More

Student learns about solar power.

In-depth: IEA predicts rise of cheap renewables and China’s move away from coal

The global energy system is in a state of flux. Renewables are experiencing rapid deployment and steep pricefalls. A growing portion of global energy... Read More

India, Rajasthan, Jaisalmer, The old city from Salim Singh Ki Haveli.

Analysis: IEA World Energy Outlook sees radical shifts, despite conservatism

The next 25 years will see a radical shift towards renewables and away from coal, a global energy centre of gravity pivoting towards India and the... Read More

Biofuel trucks driving along a rapeseed field.

The five massive changes to how we use energy that could limit climate change

What would the world's energy system need to look like in 2040 in order to limit climate change to two degrees? What would it take to get there? ... Read More

Seven charts showing why we need China's help to stop dangerous warming

Last week the US and China agreed a landmark deal on tackling climate change. It's an important symbolic move by the world's top two emitters, but... Read More

No shortage of energy as emissions rise: BP

We're all going to have access to lots of energy over the next couple of decades, predicts BP. There's just one snag: greenhouse gas emissions are set... Read More

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