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Carbon Brief quiz night
2 November 2015 12:05

The Carbon Brief Quiz 2015

Carbon Brief Staff

02.11.2015 | 12:05pm
FeaturesThe Carbon Brief Quiz 2015

Last Thursday, Carbon Brief hosted a climate and energy-themed quiz night at a pub in central London to celebrate our new website and fifth birthday.

Fifteen teams competed for the title of Carbon Brief Quiz Champions 2015. The teams were made up of a wide range of participants, including journalists, civil servants, climate campaigners, policy advisers, energy experts and scientists.

The quiz featured six rounds of questions. The first was general knowledge, followed by a science round, a policy round and two picture rounds. There was also a round featuring questions set by six special guests – Christiana Figueres, Amber Rudd, Ed Davey, Lord Deben, Gavin Schmidt and Chris Rapley.

The winning team, by a single point, was “DECC Science”, which was made up of seven scientists from the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

We live-tweeted the questions on the night, but there have been lots of requests, both from participants and those who couldn’t make it on the night, for the questions and answers to be published in one location. So, we have compiled this PDF.

In true Carbon Brief style, we took the data gathered at the bar and analysed the types of drinks consumed throughout the evening. It turns out that real ale is the drink of choice among teams competing in climate and energy-themed quizzes.

Many thanks to all the teams who took part. Carbon Brief is already beginning to think about how to set even tougher questions for next year’s quiz.

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