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Cropped shot of the American flag
Photo: Yuri_Arcurs/DigitalVision/Getty Images
26 July 2016 16:27

US election tracker 2016: Democrats and Republicans on energy and climate

Sophie Yeo


Sophie Yeo

26.07.2016 | 4:27pm
Rest of world policyUS election tracker 2016: Democrats and Republicans on energy and climate

On 8 November, voters in the US will choose to send either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to the White House.

Their choice of president will, in part, determine the shape of US climate policy for the next four years.

The Democrat and Republican parties — and their respective nominees — have spelled out radically different visions for the future of American energy and emissions reductions, as well as the country’s participation in international efforts to tackle climate change.

The official party lines are expressed in the Democratic and Republican “platforms”, the US equivalent of a manifesto. Clinton has laid out a detailed plan for US energy and climate policy on her campaign website. Trump outlined his own vision during a speech on energy in North Dakota.

Both candidates have also made various scattergun comments on the subject during their campaigns and careers.

Clinton and Trump have also announced who will be joining them as their respective vice presidents. Tim Kaine, senator for Virginia, will join the Democratic ticket, while Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, will join the Republicans.

Both candidates have also selected energy advisors. Trump has picked North Dakotan congressman Kevin Cramer, while Clinton has chosen energy analyst Trevor Houser.

Carbon Brief has collected the climate and energy views of the candidates, their vice presidents, their energy advisors and their parties’ platforms in an interactive grid. This will be constantly updated as the election approaches.

Main image: Cropped shot of the American flag. Photo: Yuri_Arcurs/DigitalVision/Getty Images.
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