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Robin Webster

LATEST BY Robin Webster

And it’’s goodbye to all that: Robin’’s review of the climate and energy world since 2010

Today's my last day at Carbon Brief. After three and a half years of dissecting media coverage, delving into obscure energy policies and disinterring appendices from press offices,…

Policy | 09.05.14

High renewables ambition, but fossil fuels still dominate: UK and Germany electricity systems compared

Germany generated twice as much wind power and fifteen times as much solar power as the UK last year, according to figures from a research institute. In different…

Energy | 01.05.14

Failure to tackle emissions from power sector could undermine environmental case for HS2

The environmental argument for the HS2 high speed rail link could be weakened if we keep generating electricity from fossil fuels, according to official documents. Government claims about…

UK emissions | 28.04.14

Cutting emissions without onshore wind: it may be possible, but it would cost us

There's "no requirement" for the UK to put up any more onshore wind turbines after 2020, according to energy minister Michael Fallon. But evidence from a government advisor…

UK emissions | 24.04.14

Carbon Briefing: how energy demand could drink up global water resources

Increasing energy demand is set to put pressure on the world's water resources over the coming decades, according to a number of new expert studies. Even if the…

Energy | 23.04.14

Study: “plumes” of methane released into the atmosphere by a few super-emitting shale gas wells

Methane emissions from some shale gas wells could be up to a thousand times higher than official estimates - meaning they have a warming effect orders of magnitude…

Emissions | 22.04.14

IPCC review of farming and forests leaves key questions about effect on climate change “unresolved”

The rate at which we're chopping down the world's forests is declining - and in future, crops and newly planted forests could help prevent more climate change, according…

Nature | 17.04.14

Not just another climate report: main messages from the UN report on tackling emissions

If we're going to curb the rise in greenhouse gas emissions, the world's governments need to co-operate - and they're running out of time to do it. That's…

IPCC | 13.04.14
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