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Ros Donald

Ros Donald

LATEST BY Ros Donald

The technologies that could grow the global economy and save the planet, at no extra cost

Investment choices in global infrastructure over the next 15 years will determine the future of the world's climate system. That's the conclusion of the New Climate Economy report…

Technology | 16.09.14

From exploding cows to climate security: Ros’s time at Carbon Brief

The man walking up the stairs ahead of me was wearing Ugg boots. This was a building full of young startups having breakout sessions in sky blue communal…

People | 01.08.14

Does British belief in climate change really go up and down? A look at 14 polls

Newspapers love to cover surveys that show belief in climate change has risen or fallen. But how much can polls really tell us about what the UK public…

Public opinion | 29.07.14

Typhoon Haiyan, record-breaking CO2 levels, rising seas and more: five measures of the state of the climate in 2013

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels broke modern records last year - and 2013 was one of the warmest years on record according to four major datasets. Sea levels continue…

Storms | 18.07.14

Australian carbon tax repeal fails after surprise vote

Australia's government has failed to repeal the country's carbon tax. An unlikely alliance of Labor, the Greens, the Palmer United Party and... one member of the Motoring Enthusiast's…

Who are you calling a skeptic? New survey identifies diverse views on climate change among US Republicans

Americans are more than twice as likely to vote for political candidates who support climate change action, according to a new study. It's well documented that Democrats are…

The verdict on smart meter privacy, security and health concerns as UK smart meter rollout begins

Adapted from a blog originally posted in June 2012 Will the UK government's planned rollout of smart meters leave homes vulnerable to marketing companies desperate for us to…

Technology | 08.07.14

Government defends its climate science communication, but sets out a new strategy to improve it anyway

Is the government doing a good enough job of communicating climate science? In a response to a critical report by MPs on Parliament's Science and Technology Committee, the…

What price the Great Barrier Reef? Shadow environment minister says nature should make it onto balance sheets

How much is the Great Barrier Reef worth? It's breathtakingly beautiful, but it also does a lot of important jobs like purifying water and acting as a natural…

Marine life | 26.06.14
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