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Building nets to harvest water from fog

Mapped: Climate adaptation around the world

From floating islands to fog harvesting, Carbon Brief's interactive map looks at how people around the world are adapting to the impacts of climate... Read More

Features | Nov 8. 2016.
Air conditioners on the wall on the back street

Explainer: Why a UN climate deal on HFCs matters

Update 15/10/16 — A deal was agreed by almost 200 countries on 15 October 2016. The agreement means that developed countries will start to... Read More

GHGs and aerosols | Oct 10. 2016.
Ban Ki-moon addresses the European Parliament on the Paris Agreement, Oct 4 2016

Explainer: Paris Agreement on climate change to 'enter into force'

The Paris Agreement will formally come into force next month, legally binding countries that have ratified the deal to act on the pledges made last... Read More

International policy | Oct 6. 2016.
Rock strata, taken in Karijini National Park, Western Australia.

Anthropocene: The journey to a new geological epoch

Over the last century, humans have littered the oceans with plastic, pumped CO2 into the air and raked fertilisers across the land. The impact of our... Read More

Features | Oct 5. 2016.
Blades in jet engine turbine

Explainer: How aviation could, finally, agree a climate deal

Update 7/10/16 — A deal was agreed by 191 countries in Montreal on 6 October 2016. The agreement adopts an offsetting approach to constraining... Read More

Explainers | Sep 26. 2016.
Lonely van floats in flooding in Nether Poppleton, England, United Kingdom, on 27/12/2015.

In-depth: Climate change confusion over government's flooding review

The government has unveiled its long-awaited review of the risk the UK faces from heavy rain and flooding. ... Read More

Extreme weather | Sep 9. 2016.
The Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Strasbourg during a plenary session in 2014.

Explainer: When will the European Union ratify the Paris Agreement?

Update 4/10/16 — The EU has ratified the Paris Agreement, after member states agreed to a fast-tracked process. In Parliament today, MEPs voted to... Read More

EU policy | Jun 23. 2016.
United Nations Building in New York

Explainer: The adoption, signing and ratification of the UN climate deal

Update 21/09/16 — At a ceremony in New York, 31 countries ratified the Paris Agreement, taking the total up to 60 countries responsible for 47.76%... Read More

Paris Summit 2015 | Apr 19. 2016.
Infographic: Ten options for negative emissions

Explainer: 10 ways 'negative emissions' could slow climate change

The Paris Agreement, adopted at the COP21 climate talks in December, sets out a global aim to limit average global surface temperatures to “well... Read More

Features | Apr 11. 2016.
Vine in Denbies wine estate, near Dorking, England

Explainer: Is climate change good news for the UK wine industry?

Not so long ago, the prospect of a world-class English wine industry was a pipe dream. A mere glint in the eye of a geology professor, who noticed how... Read More

Explainers | Apr 1. 2016.
Thermal image of mansion

Explainer: Europe's struggle to switch on low-carbon heating

Heating and cooling is the unglamorous consumer of half of the EU's energy, with 75% of this generated from fossil fuels. Only 25% is generated from... Read More

Explainers | Feb 16. 2016.
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