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International policy

A woman plants tree on the outskirts of Khartoum, Sudan

Climate-adaptation funds have not reached half of ‘most vulnerable’ nations, study finds

Many countries in Africa and those experiencing armed conflict are struggling to access money set aside to prepare them for climate change, according... Read More

Risk and adaptation | Jan 20. 2022.

Analysis: Why climate-finance ‘flows’ are falling short of $100bn pledge

One of the biggest and most contentious issues in climate politics is the provision of money to help poorer countries cut emissions and protect thems... Read More

International policy | Oct 25. 2021.
Delegates meet online for the first day of negotiations.

UN climate talks: Key outcomes from the June 2021 virtual conference

International climate talks have resumed following an 18-month absence, with diplomats from around the world attempting to negotiate the final rules ... Read More

Policy | Jun 18. 2021.
Red phone box in St Ives, decorated to welcome the G7 summit to Cornwall

Guest post: G7 climate laws ‘cut emissions by 1.3bn tonnes in 2019’

Climate laws implemented by the G7 group of major economies cut their collective carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1.3bn tonnes (GtCO2) in 2019. T... Read More

Guest posts | Jun 8. 2021.
Factory oil and gas industry

UN: New national climate pledges will only cut emissions ‘by 2%’ over next decade

The latest round of national climate pledges falls “far short of what is required” to achieve the targets set out in the Paris Agreement, accordi... Read More

International policy | Feb 26. 2021.

Analysis: Which countries met the UN’s 2020 deadline to raise ‘climate ambition’?

The end of 2020 marked the moment, under the Paris Agreement’s “ratchet mechanism”, when nations were supposed to formally submit more ambitiou... Read More

International policy | Jan 8. 2021.

UNEP: Net-zero pledges provide an ‘opening’ to close growing emissions ‘gap’

The recent net-zero pledges by major emitting countries and the potential for a “green recovery” from the Covid-19 pandemic “presents the openi... Read More

Emissions | Dec 9. 2020.

Guest post: How the global coronavirus stimulus could put Paris Agreement on track

Around the world, governments have committed more than $12tn to kickstart economies that have been ravaged by the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. ... Read More

Guest posts | Oct 15. 2020.
Aeroplane and aircraft jet trails in the sky.

Guest post: Calculating the true climate impact of aviation emissions

Before the Covid-19 pandemic and its lockdown restrictions, air travel had become an almost unquestioned facet of modern-day life for many affluent n... Read More

Guest posts | Sep 21. 2020.
New construction site with roof solar panels. Rüdesheim, Germany. 22 June 2019. Credit: KH-Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo

Coronavirus: Tracking how the world’s ‘green recovery’ plans aim to cut emissions

The coronavirus pandemic has had devastating consequences for lives and livelihoods around the world, while also dramatically cutting CO2 emissions. ... Read More

International policy | Jun 16. 2020.
Aerial view of residential buildings under construction in Tianjin, China. Credit: Bonandbon / Alamy Stock Photo. 2A7D9WK

‘Construction fever’ responsible for one fifth of China’s CO2 emissions

The construction and demolition of buildings in China was responsible for nearly a fifth of the nation’s annual CO2 emissions in 2015, according to... Read More

China Policy | Jun 9. 2020.
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