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Large shoal of fish silhouetted underwater

Marine ‘hotspots’ under dual threat from climate change and fishing

The parts of the world’s oceans with the most varied mix of species are seeing the biggest impacts from a warming climate and commercial fishing, a... Read More

Marine life | Feb 22. 2017.
After several days at sea, getting acquainted with icebergs and the brisk Antarctic air, we left the safety of our expedition vessel for our second zodiac excursion of the trip.

Guest post: Misleading media coverage of Antarctic sea ice paper

Dr Jonathan Day is a polar climate scientist at the University of Reading. His work focuses on understanding and predicting changes in sea ice in the... Read More

Guest posts | Nov 29. 2016.
Robert Falcon Scott's ill-fated expedition party at the South Party, 17 January 1912

Captain Scott’s expedition logs reveal Antarctic sea ice history

On the 14 December 1911, explorer Roald Amundsen and his team planted the Norwegian flag on the snow-covered South Pole. They had beaten the British... Read More

Sea ice | Nov 24. 2016.
Elephant Seal Pup at Play, South Georgia.

Seals help scientists get to the bottom of Antarctic changes

Elephant seals in the Southern Ocean are helping scientists discover how melting Antarctic ice is affecting the oceans. ... Read More

Antarctic | Aug 23. 2016.
The RRS James Clark Ross, a marine research vessel, in South Georgia.

Guest post: An Antarctic voyage in search of blue carbon

A guest article from Dr David Barnes, a marine benthic ecologist at the British Antarctic Survey, and colleagues Chester Sands, Narissa Bax, Rachel... Read More

Guest posts | Aug 1. 2016.
Neko bay

Natural forces overpowering Antarctic Peninsula warming

In the latter half of the 20th century, the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula was among the fastest warming places on Earth. But since the late 1990s,... Read More

Antarctic | Jul 20. 2016.
Iceberg floats in Andord Bay on Graham Land, Antarctic in November.

Warmer oceans driving Antarctic Peninsula glacier melt

The Antarctic Peninsula is a long, relatively narrow limb extending 800 miles out from West Antarctica, and is home to hundreds of glaciers. ... Read More

Antarctic | Jul 14. 2016.
A small hole in the clouds revealed newly formed sea ice in the Bellingshausen Sea next to an ice berg on Nov. 5, 2014 flight

Pacific Ocean behind recent Antarctic sea ice growth, study says

Scientists have long been searching for an explanation for the contrasting fortunes of sea ice at the Earth’s poles. While the Arctic has seen a... Read More

Sea ice | Jul 4. 2016.
Researchers walking up a snowy ridge in a polar region overlooking the ocean

Discovery exposes fragility of Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf

Scientists have unearthed a 100m-thick river of ice beneath Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf, which they fear could accelerate its path to eventual... Read More

Antarctic | Jun 14. 2016.
View of the Southern Ocean of the coast of Antarctica. Hut Point Loop Hike.

Ocean conveyor key to sluggish Antarctic warming, study says

While the Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the global average, on the other side of the planet, warming of the Southern Ocean around the... Read More

Ocean warming | May 30. 2016.
Highly crevassed ice front of Ferrigno Ice Stream in the Bellingshausen Sea. Picture taken during the airborne NASA IceBridge campaign on November 16, 2011. Picture: Matthias Braun, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.

Sea level research says only a ‘brief window’ to cut emissions

As global temperatures rise, scientists know that sea levels will follow suit. Today, global sea level is the topic of two new papers, both published... Read More

Antarctic | Feb 8. 2016.
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