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Ice shapes on the Franz Josef glacier, New Zealand

‘Cluster of cold years’ behind New Zealand’s surprising glacier growth

Across the world, scientists have recorded the retreat of hundreds of glaciers, providing categorical evidence that the Earth’s climate is warming. ... Read More

Glaciers | Feb 14. 2017.
CC0 1.0

Shrinking glaciers are ‘categorical evidence’ of climate change, study says

It is virtually certain that the retreat of many glaciers around the world has been caused by climate change, a new study suggests. ... Read More

Glaciers | Dec 12. 2016.
Iceberg floats in Andord Bay on Graham Land, Antarctic in November.

Warmer oceans driving Antarctic Peninsula glacier melt

The Antarctic Peninsula is a long, relatively narrow limb extending 800 miles out from West Antarctica, and is home to hundreds of glaciers. ... Read More

Antarctic | Jul 14. 2016.
Upernavik Glacier in Northwest Greenland. Credit: Niels Jákup Korsgaard, Natural History Museum, Denmark

Archive photos reveal Greenland’s contribution to sea level rise

Using a “treasure trove” of aerial photos of Greenland, a new study claims to solve a long-standing gap in scientific evidence - how much ice has... Read More

Arctic | Dec 16. 2015.
Baltoro glacier and its surrounding tributaries

Animation: Satellite images of ‘surging’ glaciers in Asia

A new study has created a series of animations that capture 'surging' glaciers in the Karakoram mountain range in Asia over 25 years, from 1990 to... Read More

Glaciers | Nov 26. 2015.
A tabular iceberg at sunset in Pine Island Bay, Antarctica.

Melting Antarctic ice sheets could add up to 30cm to sea levels by 2100

When projecting how sea levels could rise over the coming centuries, one of the most difficult factors for scientists to gauge is how much of the... Read More

Antarctic | Nov 18. 2015.
Icy landscape, View Point, Weddell Sea, Antarctica

Q&A: Is Antarctica gaining or losing ice?

A new study from scientists at NASA has whipped up a storm in the media by claiming that gains in East Antarctica ice have been outweighing losses in... Read More

Antarctic | Nov 3. 2015.
Aerial view of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Video: Glacier collapse would trigger eventual loss of West Antarctic Ice Sheet

If the collapse of several major glaciers on West Antarctica has started - as research suggests - the whole western side of the ice sheet could... Read More

Antarctic | Nov 2. 2015.
Icebergs in Disko Bay, Greenland

Irreversible loss of world's ice cover should spur leaders into action, say scientists

We need only look to the world's ice cover to see the urgency with which emissions need to come down, scientists told delegates at this week's climate... Read More

Ice | Jun 9. 2015.
Mount Everest Peak at 8848m

99% of Mount Everest’ glaciers could be gone by 2100

A region of the Himalayan mountain range, home to the iconic peak of Mount Everest, could be almost completely free of glaciers by the end of the... Read More

Glaciers | May 27. 2015.
A glacier wall in Antarctica

Satellites reveal rapid acceleration of Antarctic glacier ice loss

Thinning of glaciers in one of the most vulnerable parts of Antarctica has accelerated at a "remarkable rate" since 2009, a new study finds. ... Read More

Glaciers | May 21. 2015.
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