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Ocean acidification

Bleached and flourescing corals on the northern Great Barrier Reef, April 2016

Coral reef survival hinges on ‘urgent and rapid’ emissions cuts

The future of the Great Barrier Reef – and other reefs around the world – will ultimately depend on how successfully we can limit ocean warming. ... Read More

Marine life | Mar 15. 2017.

Guest post: Press complaints process is 'exercise in futility' for scientists

This is a comment article authored by two scientists who have made complaints to regulators about coverage of climate science in the media. The first... Read More

Guest posts | Jan 6. 2017.
Clouds over the Atlantic Ocean

Guest Post: What does the Paris Agreement mean for the oceans?

Prof Jean-Pierre Gattuso is a research professor at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Sorbonne University and the Institute for... Read More

Guest posts | May 16. 2016.
Clown Anemonefish, Australia

Ocean acidification: Decline of Great Barrier Reef likely to be worse than feared

Parts of the Great Barrier Reef are more vulnerable to ocean acidification than previously thought, according to new research published today in the... Read More

Ocean acidification | Feb 23. 2016.
Man showing lobster, Portland, Maine, USA

US seafood species highly vulnerable to climate change, study says

The celebrated seafood of the northeast US, such Maine lobster and New England clams, is under threat from warming temperatures and ocean... Read More

Marine life | Feb 3. 2016.
NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer: Galapagos Rift

Deep Ocean: Climate change's fingerprint on this forgotten realm

From overfishing to mineral mining, we humans subject our oceans to myriad stressors. Many hundreds of metres below the surface, the deep sea isn't... Read More

Marine life | Nov 12. 2015.
Fish in coral reef

Climate change is biggest cause of stress on world's oceans

Stark new research shows the extent to which humans are affecting the oceans, with only the most remote corners emerging relatively unscathed. ... Read More

Oceans | Jul 15. 2015.
A field of staghorn corals provides a thicket of branches for small reef fishes to hide in.

New satellite reveals places on Earth most at risk from ocean acidification

Images beamed back from space are helping scientists monitor how vulnerable the world's oceans are to human pressures. As the level of carbon dioxide... Read More

Ocean acidification | Feb 17. 2015.
Porcelain anemone crab

Warmer temperatures and more acidic oceans put crabs into survival mode

The combined effect of rising temperatures and a more acidic ocean will make it harder for seashore crabs to grow and reproduce, a new study finds. ... Read More

Marine life | Nov 13. 2014.

No corner of the ocean will escape climate change, say scientists

Humans' greenhouse gas emissions are changing the oceans' chemical makeup - posing risks to wildlife and coastal communities. That's the conclusion of... Read More

Oceans | Oct 18. 2013.

Will earth experience extra warming as oceans acidify?

Could ocean acidification lead to further global warming? That's the theory floated in a new paper in the journal Nature Climate Change. In the long... Read More

Ocean acidification | Aug 25. 2013.
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