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Human security

An ex-miner at an abandoned coal mine in Romania

Clean energy: The challenge of achieving a 'just transition' for workers

Tackling climate change is good for the economy, good for business and good for people. This is the narrative often pushed out by campaigners,... Read More

People | Jan 4. 2017.
Interior view of the abandoned and bullet-scarred hospital in Quneitra, Syria. Quneitra was occupied by Israel for seven years beginning in 1967. Today, though decades have passed since the Israeli withdrawal, the town has been left in its destroyed state.

Climate-related disasters raise conflict risk, study says

Extreme weather increases the risk of armed conflict in ethnically-diverse countries, a new study suggests. ... Read More

Human security | Jul 25. 2016.
Nuclear power station in St.-Laurent-des-Eaux, France

Map: Where climate change could hit electricity production

Research out today maps where power plants around the world are most at risk from higher water temperatures and decreased water availability. ... Read More

Energy | Jan 4. 2016.
The AGU Fall meeting, 2012.

AGU 2015: Scientists react to Paris agreement on climate change

With the ink only just dry on the agreement signed in Paris to curb global carbon emissions, scientists at this year's American Geophysical Union... Read More

Paris Summit 2015 | Dec 18. 2015.
A view of a water canal running from the Euphrates river into the semi-desert region of eastern Syria

Factcheck: Media reacts to Prince Charles's comments on Syria and climate change

A Sky News interview with Prince Charles has received a lot of media attention today. Many of today's newspapers are carrying comments by the Prince... Read More

Factchecks | Nov 23. 2015.
African women in the greenhouses select roses for export to Europe, which provide employment to 800 farmers, in Lusaka Zambia

Explainer: How does climate change fit within the Sustainable Development Goals?

On Friday in New York, countries will adopt a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will guide global development up to 2030. ... Read More

International policy | Sep 23. 2015.
Mississippi flood, US, 2011

Rising costs of flood defences could put world's major deltas at risk

Rising seas, sinking land and increasingly expensive flood defences could see the risk of flooding in deltas such as the Mississippi and Rhine rise... Read More

Floods | Aug 6. 2015.
Supercell near Vega, Texas - May 2012

La Niña boosts the odds of tornadoes and hailstorms in the US, study shows

Last week, scientists announced the arrival of a long-awaited El Niño event. It's well known that El Niño triggers  extreme weather around the... Read More

El Niño | Mar 16. 2015.
Unidentified Turkish soldier guard along the Turkish/Iran border

Reflections on climate-conflict research: More confusion than knowledge

A guest post from Prof Halvard Buhaug, Research Director and Research Professor at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO). ... Read More

Human security | Mar 6. 2015.
Migrants walking away from barbed wire in Syria

Scientists discuss the role of climate change in the Syrian civil war

This month will see the civil war in Syria reach an inauspicious fourth birthday. Since the uprising in 2011, over 220,000 people have been... Read More

Human security | Mar 2. 2015.

World Bank: ending poverty might become impossible because of climate change

Lifting the world's poorest out of extreme poverty may become impossible because of climate change, according to the World Bank's new Turn Down the... Read More

People | Nov 24. 2014.
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