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View of planet Earth from space

Analysis: What the new IPCC report says about when world may pass 1.5C and 2C

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) sixth assessment report (AR6) is the first major IPCC review to specifically focus on when t... Read More

IPCC | Aug 10. 2021.
PSA International Brani Container Terminal with the CBD skyline, Brani Island, Singapore. Credit: Jason Knott / Alamy Stock Photo. FGRPBF


ここ数年、気候科学者、経済学者、エネルギーシステムモデル研究者による国際チームは、次の100年ほどの間... Read More

Translations | Jul 28. 2021.
Smoke emitting from factory

Emissions cuts in line with Paris Agreement would see benefits ‘within two decades’

Reducing global emissions in line with the Paris Agreement’s goals would have a clear impact on global temperatures within two decades, a new study... Read More

Temperature | Dec 7. 2020.
Dubai Marina skyscrapers at sunset with heat haze. May 2017. Andrew Deer / Alamy Stock Photo

Analysis: When might the world exceed 1.5C and 2C of global warming?

Under the Paris Agreement adopted in 2015, virtually all the world’s nations pledged to limit global warming to “well below” 2C above pre-indus... Read More

Temperature | Dec 4. 2020.
Demonstrators holding up a large 1.5 at Friday for Future protest

Guest post: Global warming edges closer to Paris Agreement 1.5C limit

The latest forecast (pdf) from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) suggests that over the next five years there is a 24% chance of the global... Read More

Guest posts | Jul 9. 2020.

Analysis: Why coal use must plummet this decade to keep global warming below 1.5C

The next 10 years are crucial for tackling climate change, with widespread recognition that CO2 emissions must fall 45% by 2030 to keep global warmin... Read More

Coal | Feb 6. 2020.
Eemshaven Energy Park, Groningen, Netherlands. Credit: Jochen Tack / Alamy Stock Photo. T4WMTB

UNEP: 1.5C climate target ‘slipping out of reach’

Unless the world begins to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions the 1.5C goal of the Paris Agreement “will slip out of reach,'' according to the... Read More

Global emissions | Nov 26. 2019.

The Carbon Brief Profile: Canada

In the latest article in a series on how some of the world’s key emitters are responding to climate change, Carbon Brief considers Canada’s relati... Read More

Country profiles | Oct 8. 2019.
Drought in Currawinya National Park, Queensland, Australia. Credit: Outback Australia / Alamy Stock Photo.F550K1

In-depth Q&A: The IPCC's special report on climate change and land

This morning in Geneva, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its special report on climate change and land. The land prov... Read More

IPCC | Aug 8. 2019.
Earth from space. Credit: Aflo Co., Ltd. / Alamy Stock Photo.

Guest post: A new approach for understanding the remaining carbon budget

Dr Joeri Rogelj is a lecturer in climate change and the environment at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, and Prof Piers Forster is pr... Read More

Guest posts | Jul 17. 2019.

Bonn climate talks: Key outcomes from the June 2019 UN climate conference

A record-breaking European heatwave provided a fitting backdrop to the latest round of UN climate change talks, in which delegates from around the wor... Read More

UN climate talks | Jul 1. 2019.
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