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Nature policy


Composite image by Kerry Cleaver

COP16: Tracking country pledges on tackling biodiversity loss

At the COP15 biodiversity summit in December 2022, nearly every country in the world committed to a new global agreement to “halt and reverse” bi... Read More

Nature policy | May 2. 2024.
A herd of cows, Netherlands.

Q&A: The impact of farmer protests on the EU’s upcoming parliamentary elections

The agriculture sector holds a lot of power within the European Union, receiving around one-third of the bloc’s total budget. But, amid rising p... Read More

Food and farming | Mar 19. 2024.
Aerial view of the Ullals de Baltasar sources, Catalonia, Spain.

Q&A: What does the EU ‘nature restoration’ law mean for climate and biodiversity?

The EU’s law to restore nature was given the green light by the European parliament this week.  The long-awaited “nature restoration” l... Read More

EU policy | Feb 28. 2024.
Anger and demonstration of farmers in France

Analysis: How do the EU farmer protests relate to climate change? 

From Berlin and Paris, to Brussels and Bucharest, European farmers have driven their tractors to the streets in protest over recent weeks.  A... Read More

Food and farming | Feb 5. 2024.
Group of colourful macaws.

Q&A: What progress has been made on protecting nature a year on from COP15?

It has been more than one year since the gavel came down at the last UN biodiversity summit, where almost every country in the world agreed on a plan... Read More

International policy | Jan 31. 2024.
View of flags during COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

COP28: Key outcomes for food, forests, land and nature at the UN climate talks in Dubai

Agriculture and food were very much on the menu at COP28 in Dubai, with both voluntary pledges and negotiated texts beginning to reflect their centra... Read More

UN climate talks | Dec 15. 2023.
Aerial view of Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic of the Congo.

Q&A: What the ‘underwhelming’ Three Basins Summit means for tropical forests

Rainforest countries from across three continents agreed at the Three Basins Summit in Brazzaville last week to work together to finance and protect ... Read More

International policy | Nov 1. 2023.
In-depth Q&A: What are ‘biodiversity offsets’?

In-depth Q&A: What are ‘biodiversity offsets’?

In recent years, “biodiversity offsets” and “credits” have been promoted as one of the key ways to finance nature conservation and support gl... Read More

Explainers | Sep 27. 2023.
President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, at the Amazon summit in Belem, on 8 August 2023. Credit: Filipe Bispo / Alamy Stock Photo

Q&A: What the Amazon Summit means for deforestation and climate change

Leaders of the eight Amazon basin countries committed this week to act together to prevent the rainforest “from reaching the point of no return” ... Read More

International policy | Aug 11. 2023.
Fisherman harvests carp for Christmas market in Czech Republic.

Q&A: How can countries stop subsidies harming biodiversity?

Subsidies that harm nature and the environment cost the world an estimated $1.8tn each year – the equivalent of the entire GDP of Canada. Govern... Read More

Explainers | May 23. 2023.
A mahogany tree illegally logged in the Brazilian state of Para for export to the EU.

Q&A: What does the EU’s new deforestation law mean for climate and biodiversity?

EU policymakers are at the final stage of signing off a new law aiming to prevent the sale of products such as palm oil, coffee and chocolate if they... Read More

EU policy | Apr 13. 2023.
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