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Electrolysis facility

Renewable hydrogen ‘already cost competitive’, say researchers

Hydrogen produced using renewable electricity is “already cost competitive” in niche applications, a new paper says, adding that it is likely to... Read More

D9MWA9 The Bundestag in Berlin, Germany.

German election 2017: Where the parties stand on energy and climate change

Germany goes to the polls this Sunday and current chancellor Angela Merkel is set to win a fourth term. ... Read More

Thermal power plant with large chimney

Mapped: EU coal plants 'should all close by 2030'

EU countries should close all of their coal plants by around 2030 if they want to stick to the Paris Agreement on climate change. ... Read More

german energy map

Mapped: How Germany generates its electricity

Germany's "Energiewende", which translates as energy transition, conjures up images of bright, sunlit fields scattered with wind turbines and solar... Read More

Alpine soils storing up to a third less carbon as summers warm

The top metre of the world’s soils contains three times as much carbon as the entire atmosphere. This means that losing carbon from the soil can... Read More

Engineer inside wind turbine at Walney Offshore Windfarm project

UK needs an 'Energiewende', says energy industry chief

The public, media and politicians have not yet caught up with the fundamental changes going on in the UK energy sector, says Lawrence Slade, chief... Read More

Very Large excavators at work in one of the world's largest lignite (brown coal) mines

German coal compromise leaves doubts over climate goal

After late night coalition talks, Angela Merkel's German government has abandoned a planned levy on the oldest and dirtiest coal plants. Instead, it... Read More

At the third working session of the G7 summit Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, Renzi, Juncker, Tusk, Harper, and Obama discuss energy and climate issues

G7 leaders target zero-carbon economy

Global climate talks received a symbolic boost today, as the G7 group of rich nations threw their weight behind a long-term goal of decarbonising the... Read More

Coal capacity in the G7 graphic preview

Coal in the G7: Who's burning what?

Tomorrow, leaders of the world's seven largest economies will meet in Germany to discuss what they view to be the most important issues facing the... Read More

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